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Department of Philosophy

Upcoming Events 

During the Fall and Spring semesters, (almost) every Thursday at 4pm in Dickens 201 for Rationali-tea--drink tea, eat cookies, and chat with faculty, staff, and students from the philosophy department. All are welcome!

Philosophy Club:   To be announced.

For the most recent department newsletter, click here.

Recent News

Student News

*  Suan Sonna to publish a paper LOGOS.  The paper is entitled "In Defense of the Innocence: The Legal and Social Justification for Adopting the Presumption of Innocence". Sonna outlines a conception of moral epistemology as more demanding that mere identification of responsible agents, and uses this to argue for a norm requiring the presumption of innocence not only in legal settings, but in public discourse as well, grounding a moral obligation to avoid public shaming, gossip and mob retaliation.  Well Done, Suan!

*  Congratulations to Sean McGimpsey (philosophy minor) for his piece "Paternalism in Academic Advising: A Student Perspective", published this week in NACADA's Academic Advising Today.  The piece can be found at:  https://www.nacada.ksu.edu/Resources/Academic-Advising-Today/View-Articles/Paternalism-in-Academic-Advising-A-Student-Perspective.aspx

*  Congratulations to philosophy major Suan Sonna, winner of the 2019 Fred and Virginia Merrill Philosophy Essay Competition! In his paper, "An Absolute Conception of Radicalism," Sonna argues that a natural law anthropology and ethical framework, in conjunction with reasonable linguistic standards, can provide a concept of radicalism that avoids imprecision and marginalization.

*  Congratulations to Elizabeth Patton, Madeline Ames and Samuel Leyba on their nominations to Phi Beta Kappa.  Well done!

*  Freshman Suan Sonna to deliver a paper at the University of Kansas Undergraduate Philosophy Conference Saturday April 20th.  Sonna's paper is in the philosophy of religion, and offers a theodicy based comparisons across possible worlds.  Entitled "A Proposal for the Two Worlds Theodicy", it incorporates ideas from Plantinga and Adams while developing a novel position.  Congrats, Suan!

Faculty News

*  Leach-Krouse elected to board of the PMA: Graham Leach-Krouse has been elected to the governing board of the Philosophy of Mathematics Association.  PMA promotes research in the philosophy of mathematics and related disciplines, such as the foundations of mathematics, logic, computer and cognitive science.  

Leach-Krouse’s logic programing environment CARNAP to be used in reworking of University of British Columbia’s logic curriculum.  Graham Leach-Krouse has developed a programing environment for teaching and computer aided tutoring of logic, which he has employed for a number of years here at KSU.  The framework is now being employed at a number of other universities.  David Gilbert (UBC) has been awarded a grant from UBC and the Canadian MIntistry of Advnaced Education, Skills and Trianing to use CARNAP to teach tableau methods in UBC’s reworking of their logic curriculum.

*  Graham Leach-Krouse goes live with open-source logic software, called Carnap,  for teaching logic.  Graham writes about the free software and open source text  at (http://dailynous.com/2018/11/07/new-free-open-source-multi-purpose-multi-system-logic-software/).  Check it out!

*  Professor Herington particpates in Gun Control dialogue.  Jon Herington engaged with Tim Hsiao of Grantham university in a discussion organized by KSU philosophy major Suan Sonna.  The dialogue can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/suan.sonna/videos/1064740473704509/

*  Philosophers win NSF grant to study responsible conduct of research training.  Scott Tanona and Jon Herington, in collaboration with J. T. Laverty of KSU’s Physics Department, have won a 3 year, $350,000 dollar grant to investigate attitudes about the responsible conduct of research and their relationship to scientist’s understanding of the aim and value of science.  The results should inform judgments about effective instructional methods for responsible conduct of research.

*  Professors Herington, Mahoney and Tanona were guest speakers on KSDB-FMs Prof Talk.  Here are the segments:  

Prof Jon Mahoney speaks on political philosophy Prof Talk

Prof Scott Tanona speaks on science philosophy Prof Talk

Prof Jon Herington speaks on security philosophy Prof Talk  

Philosophy in the News

Professor Jon Herington's work on security and climate change has attracted the attention of news organizations reporting on the impact of recent natural disasters. You can watch those news segments here: