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Department of Philosophy

Philosophy Courses

The philosophy department at K-State teaches a wide variety of courses, which change from semester to semester.

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Upper Level Seminars

In addition to our introductory and intermediate courses, our department also offers specialized upper division courses every semester.

Spring 2019, our upper division courses are: 

Philosophy of Law (PHILO 535), with Prof. Herington

  • Philosophical issues arising in the legal context, such as the nature of legal reasoning, the nature and scope of constitutional protections, the justification of punishment, affirmative action, and civil disobedience.

Philosophy of Religion (PHILO 615), 

  • Our country is deeply divided over questions in religion, politics, morality, and a host of other issues. To those worried about these divisions, it can seem like people are hopelessly trapped in their own ways of thinking. But people do change their minds about fundamental issues. Studying these changes of mind seems like a promising path toward understanding how to reduce division. This class will be devoted to advancing our understanding of two “big” changes of mind: conversion and radicalization. We will pay particular attention to social practices, institutions, and other factors that promote and impede conversion and/or radicalization.