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Parking Services

Parking Shuttle Information

Kansas State University partners with the Flint Hills Area Transportation Agency (ATA) to provide free public transportation across the Manhattan campus to students, faculty and staff. Current bus routes are detailed below.

Park 'n' Ride ATA Bus Route

The Park 'n' Ride bus runs from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and stops in multiple locations. Students, faculty and staff who have difficulties finding parking are advised to park north of the Rec Complex in the C1 parking lot and take the bus to a stop closer to their destination (permits are required to park). View the shuttle schedule and bus route (pdf).

Jardine ATA Bus Route

This fixed-route loop connects Jardine Apartments and the Derby Dining Center. For more information, view the shuttle services at Housing and Dining services.

Shuttle Service from Edwards Hall to Union to Foundation

Free shuttle service from Edwards Hall to the K-State Student Union to the old Foundation Building is only available when school is in session during the Fall and Spring Semesters. 

“KSU Faculty/Staff/Students w/current ID have free point to point service only from Edwards Hall, K-State Student Union and the Old Foundation building.”

Access to these buildings is part of the ATA Bus fixed route system.  For full details, please check the ATA Bus fixed route pamphlet or visit the main ATA Bus site.

Schedule for the routes

Union to Foundation:     Blue route, 15 minutes after the hour

Union to Foundation:     Orange Route, 46 minutes after the hour

Foundation to Union:     Blue Route, 32 minutes after the hour

Foundation to Union:     Orange Route, 2 minutes after the hour

Edwards to Union:         Red Route, 7 minutes after the hour

Union to Edwards:         Red Route, 38 minutes after the hour