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Parking Services

Auto Assistance

The KSU Parking Services and KSU Police Department provides Customer Assistance Program (CAP) to help motorist who may be experiencing minor problems with their vehicles. The CAP system provides assistance for motorist having one or more of the following problems.

If you lock your keys in your car, the University Police can call the locksmith to assist you. Parking Services keeps an air bubble charged with air and if a tire leak is slow enough, they will refill the tire to help you get to a service station. Parking Services has several gas cans that may help you if your vehicle runs out of gas on the campus. Contact the office when your trouble may be lack of fuel. Parking Services has jumper cables to help you get moving again when your battery is not fully charged

Who to Contact

  • Flat tire - contact Parking Services at 532-PARK(7275)
  • Out of gas - contact Parking Services at 532-PARK(7275)
  • Dead battery - contact Parking Services at 532-PARK(7275)

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