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Office of International Programs

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Services to Sponsored Students

All international sponsored students are required to sign the Billing and Information Release form which allows us to communicate with your sponsor.


Services provided to international sponsored students include:

A designated office for Special Programs and Sponsored Students

Pre-arrival and in-person specialized orientation information

Communication with your sponsor regarding scholarship requirements, verifications, academic progress, financial accounts

Verification letters

Assistance and information regarding admission, academics, housing, student accounts, and campus and community resources.

Help in identifying opportunities for community service, cultural immersion, internships, and research

Sending of transcripts as requested by sponsors

Assurance of health insurance waivers for qualified students

Monitoring of academic progress and tracking of non-traditional (online, hybrid, weekend) courses

Student notification of scholarship deadlines, rules, and account balances

Student assistance in resolving academic, financial, and cultural adjustment issues

Reserving campus housing, if requested

Advocacy for sponsors and their students to university departments

Email: zwendy@ksu.edu