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Office of International Programs

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Special Programs & Sponsored Students

213 Fairchild Hall
1601 Vattier
Manhattan, KS  66506


Campus Units

The Special Programs and Sponsored Students Office assists campus departments and service offices in working with international students who are sponsored by various government, corporation, or foreign university scholarships.

In working with sponsored students, the Special Programs and Sponsored Students Office:

Assists departments, advisors, and staff to understand scholarship terms and requirements

Assists with sponsors’ invoicing requirements

Notifies departments of special circumstances

Provides Dean’s Office and Advising Office staff with lists of international scholarship recipients

Collaborates with departments to provide sponsor-mandated verifications

Liaison work with sponsors on behalf of departments and students

Department assistance with communication to groups of scholarship holders

Problem-solving with departments and students



This office will help faculty, staff, or external entities who want to bring a group on campus to accomplish various educational, English Language, cultural and research objectives.

Develop/Host a Special Program