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Collaboration Opportunity


Program Opportunities at Northeast Normal University, China


Scholars and Graduates are invited to apply to the NENU Program. The scope and opportunities of the program are listed below.


1. Long-term Visiting Scholar Program

The visiting scholar program lasts at least half a year in which Professors and Associate Professors are welcomed to come to China for joint research, lecture, and series courses.


Provided by NENU:

  • Free furnished apartment for international experts (on campus)  
  • Decent wages and Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China of Ping An Annuity Insurance Company, Ltd.
  • Round-trip plane tickets(economy class)
  • Organized sight-seeing trip around China

Academic scope: preference will be given to (but not limited to) researchers in disciplines of Political Science, History, Education, Economy, Finance, Mathematics, Physics etc.  


2. High-level Short-term Visiting Scholar Program

Open to Professors and Associate Professors to visit NENU to deliver lectures.


Provided by NENU:

NENU will assist in applying for sponsorships and if necessary help build connections with NENU teaching staff and Faculty.


If the NENU Visiting Scholar Program Council approves the communication plan, NENU will provide the following:

  • Lecture fees according to the number of academic reports
  • On-campus accommodation
  • Reimbursement of one round-trip plane tickets internationally(Professors, economy class)
  • Reimbursement of one round-trip plane tickets within China (Associate Professors, economy class)

3. Post Graduates Internship

NENU also sponsors an internship program aimed at new masters or doctoral graduates to visit NENU. The post graduates internship lasts at least a year.


Academic Scope: To give lessons to bachelor candidates as a way of improving their teaching skills. NENU is also open to long-term employment if the newly graduate chooses. Wage package for this internship program is as follow (subject to employment contract and with the employment contract as the final reference):


Provided by NENU:

  • 7,000-12,000 RMB per month depending on experience
  • Work (Z) visa fee reimbursement of up to 2,100 RMB for successful applicants
  • 84 days paid vacation days + 11 days Chinese public holidays
  • Round-trip international flight reimbursement of up to 8,000RMB
  • Contract completion bonus depending on performance
  • Ongoing Professional Development
  • Up to 10,000 RMB start-up loan
  • Airport pick-up service on first arrival
  • Free accommodation on campus with free internet access
  • Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China of Ping An Annuity Insurance Company, Ltd.