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Office of International Programs

Brock University – Canada

Visiting International Professor (VIP) Program

Brock's VISITING INTERNATIONAL PROFESSOR (VIP) program brings visiting faculty from academic institutions in other nations to visit Brock for an extended period, teaching a course (or courses) in their area of expertise and collaborating with Brock faculty, staff and students in a range of academic activities. Typically, the stipends that are paid per course will cover all travel expenses, accommodations, and living expenses, for the period of one or two academic term(s).

Visiting International Professors are generally invited to offer one half-credit course (minimum 36 hours of instruction) in a relevant program at Brock University.

Expenses covered:

  • return economy airfare from home country to Canada (will vary widely)
  • off-campus accommodation in a homestay, house, or apartment
  • food and living costs

The VIP program runs in all academic semesters. Course contact time is typically 3-6 hours per week over a twelve-week term during the regular academic year (Term I: September 1st – 31 December; Term II: January 1st – 30 April). 

More information available at: http://www.brocku.ca/brock-international/visiting-international-profess/visiting-international-profess