Who we are

The Office of International Programs was established in 1986 as part of the Provost Office:

  • to strengthen communication and coordination among K-State's many international programs,
  • to achieve identified strategic planning goals for the university's further internationalization, and
  • to provide a focal point for external international contacts and agreements.

K-State is currently engaged in many exchange programs with foreign institutions around the globe.

The OIP plays a prominent role in the internationalization of faculty, departments and colleges, student programs, faculty/staff development, curriculum development, and area studies at K-State.

The OIP works with the Colleges International Activities Council (CIAC) and the colleges to identify avenues for international growth and development within the university and community. The units within the Office of International Programs provide primary support for both incoming international students, faculty and researchers and for students, faculty and researchers going abroad.

International students make up some of both the undergraduate and graduate student body, which gives our university an essential component to make our students globally competent. Our students come from many countries. While international students experience our campus they also provide global perspectives to classroom discussions, expand our research connections, create cultural awareness among our students, and help engage students to experience other countries and cultures.

Our university is striving to become a top 50 public research university by 2025 and a key component to this goal is infusing international in all we do throughout our campus community to better prepare our faculty and students for global engagement.

Our 2025 Vision (pdf)