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Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Scott Jones
Title IX Coordinator
Director of the Office of Institutional Equity
103 Edwards Hall

The Title IX Coordinator handles inquiries regarding discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence policies and complaints.

For urgent 24-hour
assistance, call: 

Office of Student Life

Counseling Services


K-State Police Department

Information for Respondents (Students and Employees)

We Are Neutral

Our Investigators do not take sides. We are committed to providing a prompt, thorough, and fair review, and our investigations are focused on the available information. We can also help you as either the Complaining Party or the Respondent by providing information about support and advocacy services.

Support Person

As a Respondent, you are entitled to one advisor or support person of your choice (this does not include the Office of Student Life student support person), and the advisor or support person may accompany you to any meeting or proceeding that you are invited to attend under PPM 3010. However, your advisor or support person may not be a potential witness or anyone connected or related to the complaint.

Advisors or support persons (including attorneys) are not permitted to participate during the interview, other than to speak to you as their advisee. An advisor/support person who disrupts the process (as determined by the Investigator) may be excluded from the interview. As the Respondent, you must provide prior notice to the Office of Institutional Equity that an advisor or support person will attend a case related meeting and whether your advisor or support person is an attorney.

For Student Respondents:  The Office of Student Life has professional staff members available to serve in this role upon request. This service may be obtained by contacting 785-532-6432. The Student Support Person can also help identify additional resources for support as well as work with you during the investigation process and thereafter as needed.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Complaining Parties frequently want to know if the Respondent will be told they raised concerns. In a University investigation, Respondents are provided enough information about the allegations to allow them a fair opportunity to respond. The level of detail necessary to do that may vary depending up on the circumstances surrounding the incident. The privacy of both parties will be respected and safeguarded at all times. Information shared during an investigation is limited to those University employees who “need to know” in order to carry out their responsibilities to review, investigate and/or resolve these matters.

Interviewing the Parties

Typically, the Investigator’s first step will be to meet with the Complaining Party in order to fully understand the allegations. The Complaining Party is strongly encouraged to share all information, including documentation and names of witness, if any, with the Investigator. After the Investigator understands the nature and scope of the allegations, as the Respondent, you will be asked about the allegations and given a full and fair opportunity to respond. You are also strongly encouraged to share all information, including documentation and names of witnesses, if any with the Investigator. The Complainant and Respondent will not be present during each other’s interviews.

Gathering Other Information

The Investigator interviews witnesses and reviews all documentation deemed relevant to the situation. The Investigator may also contact the parties with additional questions or to request additional information.

Case/Investigation Updates

You have the right to be informed of the status of your case/investigation through the Office of Institutional Equity. To request a status update, please email the investigator assigned to your case at equity@k-state.edu. You shall receive a response within two business days.

ART Investigation Report

The Investigators/Administrative Review Team (ART) will consider all information gathered during an investigation and prepare a report, which will be shared with the Deciding Administrator. The report is not shared with the witnesses. The ART makes findings and recommendations as to whether a violation of the Policy occurred and, if so, recommends sanctions.


The University prohibits retaliation. All parties and witnesses are protected from any form of retaliation for participating in the investigation or filing a complaint. As the Respondent, you are directed to ensure that your actions, either directly or indirectly (including by individuals who may be operating on your behalf), do not constitute retaliation against those who have exercised their rights under University policy or who have participated in the investigative process.  

Resources for Support

The University offers a variety of support services to students and employees, a short list of which is included below. The Office of Institutional Equity can provide additional information about the below or other resources.

Student Respondents can be assigned
a Support Person thru OSL
Students Counseling Services785-532-6927
Lafene Health Center (Students)785-532-6544
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP)888-275-1205 (Option 7)
The Crisis Center785-539-2785
Salina Counseling Services (Students)785-826-2640
National Crisis Line800-273-TALK (8255)

More Information. If you have any other questions about the investigation or investigation process, please do not hesitate to contact the Investigator at 785-532-6220 or equity@k-state.edu.

*In this document, the terms "Investigator" and "Administrative Review Team" are synonymous and used interchangeably. 

*The web content of this page was borrowed with permission from Purdue University.