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Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Scott Jones
Title IX Coordinator
Director of the Office of Institutional Equity
103 Edwards Hall

The Title IX Coordinator handles inquiries regarding discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence policies and complaints.

For urgent 24-hour
assistance, call: 

Office of Student Life

Counseling Services


K-State Police Department

Education and Safety

Responsible Employees

Who is a "Responsible Employee" and what are his/her responsibilities.


Workshops and courses about policy, process and information for prevention.

Bystander Intervention and Safety Tips

Remember to make your safety and the well-being of others a priority. Review the active bystander intervention strategies.

What is Consent?

Defining Consent with Interactive Examples.


Definitions for terms used on this website.

Pregnant and parenting students

It prohibits educational institutions from discriminating against pregnant students based upon their marital status and cannot discriminate against a student because of childbirth, false pregnancy, or recovery from related conditions.

Campus safety and crime

Crime statistics compiled annually by the K-State Office of Student Life show K-State is among the safest universities in the Big 12. K-State is safe because faculty, students, and staff approach campus safety as a shared responsibility.