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Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Scott Jones
Title IX Coordinator
Director of the Office of Institutional Equity
103 Edwards Hall

The Title IX Coordinator handles inquiries regarding discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence policies and complaints.

For urgent 24-hour
assistance, call: 

Office of Student Life

Counseling Services


K-State Police Department


File a Complaint

How to start an evaluation or complaint process for any discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking or retaliation.

Information for Complainants

The Investigator does not take sides. We are committed to providing a prompt, thorough, and fair review, and our investigations are focused on the available information.

What to Do If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted

General advice and next steps if you or someone you know experienced sexual assault.

Reporting Options

The university’s Title IX Coordinator and the Office of Institutional Equity coordinate the investigation and resolution of all prohibited conduct covered by the university’s Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Violence, and Stalking, and Procedure for Reviewing Complaint.

Male Complainants

There are many assumptions about sexual assault and men’s sexuality that create a harsh environment for men who have been sexually assaulted, and it’s important to distinguish the myths from the realities.

LGBT Complainants
Statistics show that the LGBT community reports higher rates of sexual victimization while enrolled in college and are less likely to report an incident. Learn about common barriers for reporting these concerns and seek resources for help. 
Help from Police

Contact the police department that is responsible for the specific location where the assault or other criminal act occurred.


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