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Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation (OEIE)

Additional Resources

A selection of other websites that offer valuable information and tools for evaluation of extension programs.

Program Fidelity and Adaptation (pdf)Sources about program fidelity and adaptation. These sources were used in the development of the March 18, 2014 Ask the OEIE Evaluator installment.
CYFERnet SearchThis program evaluation resources website has a multitude of resources that may be valuable to you, especially for programs for youth and their families. The site includes online tools to build logic models and online surveys, as well as a database of existing and validated evaluation instruments. CYFERnet Search supports the CYFAR (Children, Youth and Families at Risk) initiative.
Program Evaluation FAQsSeveral short and easy to understand FAQs regarding program evaluation posted by the eXtension Program Evaluation community.
Glossary of Evaluation Terms (pdf)Definitions of commonly used terms in evaluation posted by the University of Wisconsin - Extension, 4-H Youth Development on their Evaluating 4-H Youth Development Programs website.
University of Wisconsin - Extension, Program Development and EvaluationThe Evaluation pages of this website offer a wealth of resources for extension professionals who seek to evaluate their programs. Check out the Evaluation Quick Tips, Logic Model, and Evaluation Instruments pages in particular.
Penn State Extension, Program EvaluationA website designed for extension professionals with evaluation tipsheets, program evaluation examples from actual extension programs, and related resources. Under the Subject Index, you can browse by Special Audiences, including "Agricultural Audiences," "Seniors," and "Program Volunteers/Leaders."
The Ohio State University Extension, SAMMIESuccessful Assessment Methods and Measurement in Evaluation (SAMMIE) has a series of online modules for extension professionals and others involved in community-based programs to learn about planning and conducting program evaluation. To access these modules register for a free account.
University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture (Extension)Program Development and Evaluation Resources: A comprehensive collection for evaluation resources for extension professionals, including many resources from other state extension programs.
Journal of ExtensionThe Journal of Extension offer features articles about evaluation, most of which can be found with a simple search for "evaluation." In June 2009, JOE published a special issue focused on evaluation.
CYFERnet, EvaluationCYFERnet's Evaluation section offers resources to assist professionals in all stages of program evaluation and includes tips, instruments, and examples. The site may be particularly helpful to those seeking to evaluate outcomes for children, youth, and families.
American Evaluation AssociationThe AEA is an international professional association for evaluators and the website offers many resources for others with interest in evaluation. The association includes the Extension Education Evaluation topical interest group, whose members focus on particular evaluation issues in extension.