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Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation (OEIE)

Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation
Kansas State University
College of Education
Unger Complex
2323 Anderson Avenue, Suite 220
Manhattan, Kansas 66502

785-532-7185 fax


Project Portfolio

Since our inception, OEIE has provided more than 165,000 hours of research and evaluation services for over 350 projects exceeding $400 million and sponsored by a wide variety of funding agencies.

Example Projects

RDE image
Research in Disabilities Education (RDE) Synthesis Project

This is a three year synthesis research project to summarize the contributions of the NSF's Research in Disabilities Education program. Learn More

Kan-ed imageKan-ed Performance Reports

OEIE provided Kan-ed with performance reports that document evaluation activities and results. View examples

KSRE imageKSRE Evaluation Resources

OEIE provides ongoing support and evaluation capacity building for the Kansas State Research & Cooperative Extension program. The Program Evaluation And Reporting System (PEARS) is one result of this collaboration. OEIE also built a library of evaluation resources to help KSRE administrators and agents. Learn More