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Network and Telecommunications Services

About NTS


The mission of Network and Telecommunications Services (previously Computing and Telecommunications Services) is to provide a reliable, secure, high-performance information technology infrastructure for computing, networking and communications in a proactive, collaborative, service-oriented, customer-driven, cost-effective manner in support of the university's teaching, research, and service mission.

Customer Service and Orders

Adalee Brenner, assistant director
1105 Sunset Avenue #182, 532-7001, cts@k-state.edu

Cable TV

Jerry Marrow, network service technician
1105 Sunset Avenue #182, 532-5921, cts-cabletv@k-state.edu

Engineering and Installation

Danny Fronce, associate director
1105 Sunset Avenue #182, cts@k-state.edu


Audrey Hubbell, manager
1105 Sunset Avenue #182, 532-6405, network@k-state.edu

Voice, Repair and Estimates

1105 Sunset Avenue #182, 785-532-7000, cts@k-state.edu