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Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

New NRES Courses and Course Revisions

New Courses

K-State faculty who would like to suggest a new course be added to the NRES curriculum should complete the NRES Course Information Form and return it via email to Dr. Shawn Hutchinson, NRES Director.  Please note that the form also asks that a recent course syllabus be included with the submission.  Once the form is received it will be presented to the NRES Governing Board for consideration at the next scheduled board meeting.  These meetings are typically held at the end of the fall and spring semesters.

Download the NRES Course Information Form

The Governing Board will evaluate whether the course has more than 50% of its content directly related to the quality, management, and sustainability of soil, air, water, mineral, biological, and energy resources. Any statements you can provide to assist this evaluation will be appreciated. The course instructor may be asked to meet with the Governing Board when the course is being considered for approval to help the board make the most informed decision. 

Should a new course be approved, the NRES Director will submit the necessary documents to the Course and Curriculum Committee for consideration.  Once approved, the new course officially becomes part of the NRES curriculum.

Students are also welcome to suggest courses they believe should be part of the NRES curriculum.  If you are a student and know of such a course, please contact the NRES Director and encourage the faculty instructor to submit an NRES Course Information Form.

Course Revisions

Expedited course changes shared through various administrator listservs and email distributions are used to update the official NRES curriculum.  Typically, such changes involve courses with revised titles, numbers, and/or catalog descriptions.  However, academic units are encouraged to contact the NRES Director with this information to help make sure NRES students are accurately informed of current and future approved course offerings.

Faculty and administrators who note an error in the catalog entry for the NRES Secondary Major or inaccuracies in the current printed academic guide should contact the NRES Director.