NABC accomplishes projects that provide analytical research and subject matter expertise to academic institutions, private industry, and local, state, and federal government partners. Current and past projects include planning toolkits, training curricula, surveys, research reports, disease pathway analyses, reviews and impact assessments, technical information reporting guides, tabletop exercises and after action reports, and more.

Recent Projects

Past Projects

  • Livestock Emergency Response Plan Toolkit (2014)
  • Animal Disease Technical Information Reporting Guides (2013)
  • State Transboundary Animal Disease (TAD) Response Plan Assessment (2011)
  • Veterinary Response Capabilities Country Profiles (2011)
  • Enabling Technologies for Detecting, Characterizing and Modeling Bio-Agents in Military Food Rations (2009-2010)
  • Kansas National Guard Agribusiness Development Team
  • Technical Information Reporting Guides (2008)
  • Carcass Disposal: A Comprehensive Review (2004)
  • Plant Pathogen Pathways Analysis (2004)

Student Projects

One Health Briefs for Practioners

Zoonotic disease handouts for medical practitioners and animal owners that address important information including; common signs and symptoms, routes of transmission, diagnostic testing, treatment options, and client/patient communication. In total, 17 handouts were developed to address the top zoonotic disease of concern in Kansas. Access all of the One Health Briefs in the combined document.

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