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National Agricultural Biosecurity Center

National Agricultural Biosecurity Center

Located on the campus of Kansas State University, NABC is an integral part of the Midwest’s expanding animal health corridor. NABC contributes to and accesses a vast network of interdisciplinary research and resources in areas such as animal diseases, foodborne pathogens, plant infectious agents, emergency management, and environmental systems changes impacting agriculture, food, and One Health.

  • NABC has extensive experience developing, implementing, and managing research projects, disease response planning, and training programs for multiple state and federal agencies — ranging from the U.S. Departments of Defense, Agriculture, and Homeland Security — to the intelligence community

  • NABC is dedicated to increasing public awareness of agro-terrorism and developing solutions for improving agricultural and food production safeguards utilizing systems process analysis and risk assessments.

  • NABC supports applied scientific research to develop practical agro-security capabilities and programs addressing diverse threats to U.S. and world agricultural economies and food supply chains. We engage elements from local, county, state, and federal governments to enhance national food security.

NABC welcomes new challenges where its subject matter expertise can be applied to enhance the capabilities of government agencies, private industry, and organizations to protect America’s agricultural infrastructure.