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National Agricultural Biosecurity Center


Marty Vanier, DVM

Marty VanierMarty Vanier is director of operations and joined NABC in 2003. She currently serves as the senior program manager for strategic partnership development for the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility through an inter-agency personnel agreement between the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and K-State.

Vanier received a Bachelor of Science in agriculture (animal science) and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from K-State. Upon completion of her DVM, Vanier served as science coordinator for the Animal Health Institute in Washington, D.C. She also has served as deputy director for information and legislative affairs in the Food Safety and Inspection Service, research assistant for the Food Safety Consortium in the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at K-State, executive director of the Kansas Agricultural Alliance. She has been principal investigator for multiple NABC projects and, as director, has coordinated research teams, monitored legislative and federal agency activities, and led activities in support of relationship development between NABC and state and federal agencies, industry groups, emergency management, law enforcement, and the intelligence community. She received the 2002, 2012, and 2014 President’s Award and the 2009 Veterinarian of the Year Award from the Kansas Veterinary Medical Association. She served as KVMA President in 2015–2016.

Craig Beardsley

Craig BeardsleyCraig Beardsley is program administrator. He has 21 years of experience working with federal, state and local first responders, law enforcement, and emergency management through the Kansas National Guard. Beardsley retired from the Kansas National Guard in 2005 as a Lieutenant Colonel and is a trained instructor in the Incident Command System. As Director of Military Support for the Kansas National Guard, Beardsley collaborated with the Kansas Division of Emergency Management to synchronize the Kansas Emergency Management Plan with the National Response Plan. Beardsley received his bachelor’s degree in business management from Park College and his master’s degree in environmental planning and management from K-State.

Beardsley serves as co-principle investigator on NABC U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of Agriculture projects and is principle investigator on Kansas National Guard projects. He has established and managed a classified communications and operations center, served as the Kansas point of contact for intelligence to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and served on the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Executive Board. He supervised the establishment and employment of a military civil support team for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) response, established and supervised the Kansas Threat Integration Center for analysis and dissemination of terrorism-related information to appropriate Kansas agencies and officials, and designed and participated in numerous WMD and foreign animal disease exercises involving all levels of military and civilian response.  

Joe Fund

Joe FundJoe Fund serves as project manager. Prior to joining NABC, Fund served as the chief fiscal officer for the Kansas Water Office. Other positions he has held include assistant to the Secretary for Research and Governmental Affairs, Kansas Department of Health and Environment; human resource consultant, Kansas Department of Administration; business management/planning consultant; special projects trainer, Department of Social and Rehabilitative Services; and labor relations/contract administration and regulatory compliance specialist, City of Topeka, Economic Development and Housing. His experience working in state and local government positions performing managerial, team-building and sensitive communications functions has allowed him to respond to a broad range of matters for NABC as they relate to projects sponsored by agencies within the state and federal governments as well as the media and diverse stakeholder communities. Specifically, his expertise in project management as well as legislative, planning, policy analysis, and implementation of complex strategies has been invaluable to the development and management of NABC projects. Joe received a Bachelor of Science in political science from Kansas State University.

Ken Burton, DVM

Ken BurtonKen Burton is program director and is principle investigator and co-principle investigator on multiple projects involving transboundary animal disease (TAD) response planning and training, identification of lessons learned from livestock emergency response exercises and events, and risk analysis of high-consequence TAD significant to the U.S. livestock industry. Completed projects include comprehensive veterinary response capability and foodborne disease templates, country profiles assessing capabilities of selected foreign countries’ response to outbreaks of zoonotic and non-zoonotic high-consequence livestock or foodborne diseases, and technical information reporting guides used by non-scientific field personnel to provide high-impact foreign animal/zoonotic disease information.

Burton’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, coordinating the activities of technical consultants and research teams, training and managing graduate student researchers, technical writing and review, coordinating project activities of subcontractors and subject matter experts, and providing communications to a variety of project stakeholders within government agencies and the livestock industry. Burton received a Bachelor of Science in biology and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University. Prior to employment at K-State in 2010, he owned and operated the Lyons Veterinary Clinic in Lyons, Kansas, providing rural Rice County residents with companion animal and food animal production veterinary medicine and surgery for 29 years. 

Adrian Self

Adrian SelfAdrian Self is the prospect research director and provides management for advanced technological research for multiple NABC projects. He provides expertise in project/proposal analysis, scheduling, scoping, and resource coordination for multiple contracts/grants within the center’s portfolio. 

Self brings far-reaching know-how to NABC projects in the areas of academic research documentation for audit, inspection, and accreditation; interfacing with various levels of university administration and faculty in advancing research work products; and organizing broad resources for project management efforts. His industry and academic background includes practice in economics, investment analysis, risk underwriting and risk management as well as knowledge technology, communications, and overseas languages and cultures. Prior to joining the NABC, Self was with the University Research Compliance Office at K-State, where he served as the senior administrative specialist for the Office of the Associate Vice President for Research.