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Music Education

Preparing for a Student Teacher

Supervision of a Student Teacher (S.T.) requires a great deal of careful planning. Preplanning on the part of the Cooperating Teacher can create a good learning atmosphere and alleviate many problems before they arise. The following checklist has been designed as a guide to help you prepare for the Student Teacher.

  1. Preparing the Students
    ___tell the students that a new teacher is coming to join their music classroom for eight-weeks starting the next Monday. Build interest by telling them that they will love having music class with the student teacher who will bring many wonderful ideas to teach them.
    ___discuss advantages of having two teachers with the music class
    ___teaching younger students how to pronounce the student teacher's name provides a personal connection, even before the student teachers arrives.
    ___explain that another teacher will have the same authority as you do
  2. Organizing the Music Room
    ___provide the S.T. with a well-supplied desk or work area
    ___provide storage space for coats and other needed materials.
  3. Locating Materials, provide the S.T. copy of:
    ___course and student handbooks
    ___Fire Drill and Emergency Procedures
    ___schedule of classes
    ___School Policy Book for inspection
    ___ seating charts
    ___room rules established with pupils
    ___location of supplies and materials within the room
    ___make available cumulative folders or info on pupils with special needs
  4. Familiarizing the S.T.with Service Facilities
    ___demonstrate use and policy of copying machines
    ___acquaint the S.T. with location and use of audio-visual materials
    ___familiarize the S.T. with location of special rooms: lunchroom, office, speech, first aid, etc.
  5. Preplanning for My Teaching
    ___outline my expectations for the S.T.
    ___familiarize myself with the S.T.’s background
    ___plan a tentative sequence of learning activities for the S.T.
    ___plan to teach varied lessons for observation by the S.T.
    ___identify long and short term goals for my class
    ___examine my own teaching techniques and behaviors, and be ready to discuss them
  6. Planning with the S.T.and University Supervisor
    ___provide time to develop plans jointly
    ___plan sufficient time for conferences
    ___locate an appropriate place for conferences with the University Supervisor and my S.T.
    ___discuss and share teaching experiences