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Music Education


The role of evaluation in the student teaching program is often a source of concern for both the student teacher and the cooperating teacher. Much of this worry can be alleviated if evaluation is viewed as designed to provide for the student teacher's growth as a professional educator. The focus of evaluation should be on helping the student achieve desirable goals in terms of progress and growth.

The student teacher's performance is to be formally evaluated on two occasions: 1) at mid term and 2) at the conclusion of the practicum. The mid term evaluation is a formative evaluation and is discussed jointly by the cooperating teacher and the student teacher. Its purpose is to help the student teacher become aware of his/her progress or lack of it. The final evaluation is summative in nature and serves to indicate the quality of the student teachers total student teaching performance. The final grade is determined by the University Supervisor. It will reflect the combined judgement of the Cooperating Teacher and the University Supervisor.

Please use the forms provided by the College of Education which are downloadable using the links to the left of this page. It is easiest to complete these forms on the computer and send them to the student teacher via email. Print a copy to use during your conferences.

Based on the Handbook for Student Teaching and Cooperating Teachers in Music, University of Illinois and the Cooperating Teacher Handbook, Illinois State University.