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Kansas Theatre Works Podcast

A whole new way to HEAR THEATRE!

Even though we can't all be together in a room, we can still share the power of storytelling. Maybe now more than ever, we need the human connection that stories can give us. In a new partnership between the School of Music, Theatre and Dance and the A. Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communciations, we are launching the "Kansas Theatre Works" podcast for our 2020-21 theatre season. Inspired by L.A. Theatre Works, a leader in audio theatre production, we will be presenting a season of plays by alumni playwrights (and Shakespeare--who is not an alumnus) and featuring Kansas State Theatre students and faculty. 
Experience theatre from the comfort and safety of your favorite listening device!


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We'll post new episodes here as they arrive. Listen here or on your favorite podcast player.


By alumni writers, directed by professor of theatre Jennifer Vellenga.  
Submissions from various Theatre alums who call Kansas and K-State home. A "must-hear" appreciation piece about K-State, the great state of Kansas, the land, and it's people. 


Episode Catalog

Macbeth title card   Tales of the Weird book     One Dead One Dying title


Coming Soon

Ho Ho No

Release Date: Dec. 10


WINTER PAINS, or HO HO NO, by alumni writers, directed by Jerry Jay Cranford. WINTER PAINS, OR HO HO NO is an irreverent look at the holiday season with songs and monologues, including explicit language. Written by students in the Writers Room.



Bonus materials

We've put together design works, dramaturgical notes, artist interviews and more. Check out our most recent release--an interview with alumni playwrights as well as directors and actors from Tales of the Weird and Unusual!

Additional playwright interviews, dramaturgical blogs and visuals can be found on the Bonus Materials page.










Kansas Theatre Works is committed to bringing the theatre to you. Although your support is not tax deductible, all proceeds directly impact students' education thru scholarships and program initiatives.