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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Percussion Studio

Kurt Gartner, D.A.
Professor of Music
School of Music, Theatre and Dance
130 McCain Auditorium
Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-6899 fax



Percussion Ensembles

2019-20 Percussion Studio
2019-20 Percussion Ensembles

The Kansas State University Percussion Ensembles (open to percussion majors and minors) perform classic literature, but are also active in the new music scene. The ensembles have premiered many new works, and pursue many interdisciplinary and multimedia projects. The ensembles have become a regular contributor of live music for the concert series of the KSU Dance Program. Additionally, the ensembles serve the university's mission to the state by presenting new literature reading sessions at the state's annual Music Educators' Conference.

Chamber Keyboard Percussion

Firm Plus

Chamber Keyboard Percussion groups are open to music majors (by audition). These groups perform original keyboard chamber literature (including several works commissioned for the group) as well as transcriptions and other classic literature.

Latin Jazz Ensemble

LJE plays Pacheco Festival

The Latin Jazz Ensemble performs concerts, dances, and club dates around the Manhattan area. Comprising a wind section and a rhythm section including a full complement of percussion, this group performs popular Afro-Caribbean styles of music. The ensemble has appeared at the UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival and Little Apple Jazz Festival, and has performed live (via web cam) in Stockholm (at the PAS Sweden Chapter Day of Percussion), in Winnipeg (at the Virtual Percussion Festival), and at the Toronto Distillery Jazz Festival. Additionally, the group has provided live music for concerts of the KSU Dance Program.

African Drumming and Dance Ensemble

Still a new and developing group, the African Ensemble focuses on traditional social dance including those from Ghana, West Africa. Participants in this group have the opportunity to sing, dance, and play the traditional instruments for the selected dances. If you are interested in participating in this open group, contact Neil Dunn, neildunn@k-state.edu.

Drum Line

Looking for the K-State Drum Line page? Here it is!

The KSU Percussion Studio has been involved in many commission projects with award-winning composers from around the country. In April of 2018, percussion ensembles presented a full concert of new music at the Society of Composers, Inc. Region VI conference. In November of 2018, the Latin Jazz Ensemble was a featured ensemble at the Johnny Pacheco Latin Music and Jazz Festival at Lehman College, Bronx, NY.