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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Housing and Parking

On-Campus Housing

Dormitory rooms are available on a night-by-night basis through the K-State Housing and Dining Services at very reasonable rates, and you can even purchase meal tickets. All of the residence halls are air-conditioned and conveniently located on campus within walking distance of recreational facilities and campus activities. Rooms are available for double or single occupancy (only two adults are allowed in a double-occupancy room).

Each room has a twin bed, desk and chair, storage drawers and closet space. A telephone for local calls is provided in each room. Long-distance calls can only be made with a calling card or by calling collect. Guest service includes two towels, washcloth, plastic cup, sheets, blanket, pillow and pillowcase. Complimentary soap is available at the front desk. Each corridor has a community bathroom. Males and females are not assigned to the same wing (except families) or allowed to use the same bathrooms. A television room, laundry room, vending machines, message board and periodic front desk operations are a few of the conveniences offered in the residence halls. You may also use e-mail terminals located in the hall lobby. Mail is available at the residence hall front desk.

The award-winning dining services provides a variety of convenient and healthful food choices. Entrees and most accompaniments are served cafeteria style. Beverages, breads, soups, salads, cereals and desserts are self-serve. At breakfast, a fruit and yogurt bar and a breakfast bar are featured. Dessert and salad bars are available at both lunch and dinner. Meals may be purchased on a cash basis at the dining center.

Room Rates* per night are
$26/person for a double occupancy room
$34/person for a single occupancy room

Meals* can be purchased for
$3.50 - each breakfast
$4.75 - each lunch
$6.75 - each dinner

* subject to change

More details, including contact information can be found by visiting the K-State Housing and Dining Services

Off-Campus Housing

There are many hotel choices in the Manhattan area, but the most convenient is the Holiday Inn at 1641 Anderson Ave. The Holiday Inn is only about a five-minute walk to the music building, has Houlihan’s Restaurant, and is only minutes from the Aggieville business and restaurant district.

You can contact the Holiday Inn at 785-539-7531, or visit them online.


To park on campus you will need to purchase a temporary parking permit. A permit may be purchased at Parking Services or at the information booth on N. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive near the K-State Student Union parking lot.