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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Performance Emphasis

In addition to the core requirements, the following is required for a MM with an emphasis in performance.


Each student wishing to major in performance must audition in person or send a recording of a recent concert. The audition, or audition recording, must be of substantial length and include music from at least three different style periods. The audition must be approved by the faculty of the appropriate division.

Core requirements as above with the following amplifications:

History-Literature hours must include:

For wind and percussion students:
For choral conducting students:
For band conducting students:
For string students:
For voice students:
For organ students:
For piano students:

Electives (4 to 6 credit hours)

Major field

A minimum of 12 hours in the division of the student’s major performance area, 8 hours of which must be individual instruction. The remaining 4 hours may be in pedagogy, methods, or ensemble. Voice majors who are found deficient in knowledge of foreign language diction will take 1 hour of diction.

Master’s report (recital, 2 credit hours)

All graduate students majoring in performance will perform a full recital of not less than one hour. The program for the recital must be approved by the student’s advisory committee, and the advisory committee will judge the recital. All solo literature (including concertos) will be played from memory, unless the advisory committee grants an exception in recognition of unusual circumstances. The recital will be digitally recorded and the recording uploaded to EDTR, with supporting material, for presentation as a master’s report. The student will also either (a) prepare substantial program notes of a historical and analytical nature, these notes to be with the recorded recital; or (b) present a lecture-recital on a major work not included on the master’s recital, the lecture-recital to be recorded and uploaded to EDTR with the master’s recital. Under both options a and b, the project is to be done under supervision of the major professor or the director of graduate studies. The program notes or the lecture should demonstrate the student’s ability to investigate and interpret the historical aspects of a work, to analyze style, and to use commendable English. The literary standards should be comparable to those required for the usual master’s report. Under option b the student’s choice of a work must be approved by his or her advisory committee.

Additional requirements and policies: students in areas in which ensemble performance plays an important role will be expected to take part in appropriate ensembles and organizations as determined in consultation with the student’s advisory committee.