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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Composition Emphasis

In addition to the core requirements, the following is required for a master's of music with an emphasis in composition.


Entrance to the program normally requires at least 26 undergraduate hours of composition courses. The applicant should submit original scores to the composition faculty for approval.

Core requirements

As above with the following amplification:


One course (2 hours) in advanced conducting or score reading.

Major field

Total, 16 hours, as follows: 10 to 14 hours, including 802 (Seminar in Music Theory) or 804 (Advanced Analysis), and individual instruction in composition; and master’s report, 2 hours or master’s thesis, 6 hours. The report or thesis may be either a theoretical paper or a composition in a larger form with an accompanying report.

Electives (Up to 6 credit hours)

Additional requirements and policies

The composition student must prove his or her proficiency in conducting and in electronic instrumentation, either by class study or by actual performance in the area.

All students receiving individual instruction in composition are required to copy their music in the prescribed professional manner.

Wherever possible, the composer should assume the responsibility of seeing to the performance of his or her own music.