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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Concert Choir

M-F 12:30-1:20pm

On Wednesday, singers will attend Advanced Treble Choir or Tenor/Bass Choir.

Course Numbers

MUSIC111 for lower-division students (freshmen and sophomores)

MUSIC400 for upper-division students (juniors and above)

MUSIC842 for graduate students


Concert Choir is a highly select mixed ensemble comprised of both music and non-music majors, undergraduate, and graduate students. The ensemble explores a variety of choral music genres and tours annually across the state, nation, and abroad. Under the direction of Dr. Joshua Oppenheim, Co-Director of Choral Studies, they have been invited to perform at numerous conferences, most recently the National Collegiate Choral Organization Conference in 2019. The ensemble size is typically around 24-32 members and meets in both the Fall and Spring semesters. They have been invited by audition to perform for the KansasMusic Educators Association Conference (2008), the American Choral Directors Association Southwest Region Conference (2012, 2018), The World Choir Games in South Africa (2018), the American Choral Directors Association National Conference (2019), and the National Collegiate Choral Organization Conference (2019). International performance tours include Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, France, and Ireland. 

They will travel to Little Rock, AR to perform at the Southwest American Choral Director's Association conference in early 2022. They will fly internationally to London in May 2022. 


K-State Concert Choir Fall 2019 · Phos Hilaron

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Fall 2018


Fall 2019


Spring 2021