Wind and Percussion Division


Flute Studio

Dr. Colleen White

Clarinet Studio

Dr. Amy Guffey

Oboe Studio

Dr. Alyssa Morris


Bassoon Studio

Dr. Susan Maxwell

Saxophone Studio

Dr. Anna Marie Wytko


Trumpet Studio

Dr. John Kilgore

Horn Studio

Dr. Jacqueline Fassler-Kerstetter


Trombone Studio

Dr. Dan Hinman

Tuba/Euphonium Studio

Dr. Steven Maxwell

Percussion Studio

Dr. Kurt Gartner



Jury forms for music majors and minors are now handled through Canvas (K-State Online). Paper jury comment forms are necessary only for non-music majors and secondary instrument study. Graduate students may opt for the paper form below, at the discretion of their applied teacher.

In order to help control paperwork, please verify that the jury forms are only one page in length before printing! Each of the forms that appear below is designed to be one page in length, but pagination will differ according to how preferences are set up within Microsoft Word on a particular computer.

Jury Assessment for Music Graduate Students (doc)

Jury Assessment for Non-Music Majors and Secondary Instrument Study (doc)

General Recital Application (pdf)

Divisional Recital Application (pdf)

Instrument Check-Out Form