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Master of Public Health Program

News - 2017

April 20: Keynote Lecture for National Minority Health Month sponsored in cooperation with the Dow Center for Multicultural and Community Studies. Renaisa S. Anthony, MD, MPH; Deputy Director & Assistant Professor at the Center for Reducing Health Disparities at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (Omaha), will present on Health Equity and Health Disparity.  Lecture will be at 7:00 PM in the Flint Hills Room, K-State Student Union. A reception to meet Dr. Anthony will follow. Please RSVP to emulcahy@ksu.edu

Public Health Activities at K-State

MPH Poster Competition Awards


Emphasis or Major

Poster Title


Kapaldo, Nathaniel


Developing a mosquito surveillance protocol within a zoological park: A pilot study


Gasper, Rebecca


Physical activity messages in popular magazines: A cross-sectional analysis by target audience


Toillion, Alyssa


Kansas Outreach and Education for Drug Residue Avoidance


Nicholson, Bradyn


The Feasibility and Acceptability of Using Sit-to-Stand Desks in Self-Contained Classroom for Students with Emotional Disturbances: A Pilot Study


 Thank you also to our judges

  • Ruth Wallace, Director, The Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia & visiting Fulbright Scholar
  • Jennifer Green, Administrative Director and Local Health Officer, Riley County Health Department
  • Susan Moore, Director, Rabies Laboratory, KSU

And thank you to BioKansas for their financial support of these awards.

Congratulations to Alyssa Toillion for receiving a Midwestern Public Health Training Center stipend!

Welcome to our New MPH Students starting Spring 2017

MPH StudentMPH Emphasis Area or Certificate
Marie ArmstrongFood Safety and Biosecurity
Crystal FutrellCertificate in Public Health Core Concepts
Matthew KelsoCertificate in Public Health Core Concepts
Austin McDanielCertificate in Public Health Core Concepts
Kolia SouzaCertificate in Public Health Core Concepts
Juliana WilsonCertificate in Public Health Core Concepts
Brittany BlattnerInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses
Colin FerrelInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses
Kaitlin FoleyInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses
Maria RuizInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses
Rebecca TomasekInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses
Christal OmniPublic Health Physical Activity
Alexis ZavalaPublic Health Physical Activity


Graduation Day Family Reception

Grad Day

MPH Students at Graduation

2017 Grads

Congratulations to Spring & Summer 2017 MPH Graduates

MPH StudentEmphasisField Experience Report
Marisol Aguirre RojasIDZApplying and Improving Public Health among Latinos in Kansas Communities
Deidre BeanIDZPreliminary Survey of Childhood Lead Poisoning through Spice and Home Remedy Use in Raleigh, NC
Sarah BolineFSBComparison of Salmonella and Shiga Toxin-producing Escherichia coli Outbreak Investigation Interviews Measuring Completeness and Timeliness from January-July 2016
Emily BonillaPHNCommunity Needs Assessments in Collaboration with Public Health
Priscilla BrenesPHNEvaluation of a Printed Newsletter Tailored to Grandparent Caregivers in Kansas
Bridget ByquistPHNField Experience Report: Tammy Walker Cancer Center
Ileana CepedaIDZEarly Detection of Alzheimer's Disease in Military Population & Public Health Experience: HIV Prevention Using Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis
Bailey DavisIDZAligning Public Health and Shelter Medicine: The connection between a Veterinarian and the Public
Nike FransPHNDevelopment of Cooking Skills Measurement
Alyssa GehlePHNTechnology and Social Media in Nutrition Education
Erin JobmanIDZThe Role of Conservation in Public Health
Eugene JohnsonIDZVeterinary Capacity Building and Food Security Challenges in Developing Countries
Nataniel KapaldoIDZDeveloping a Mosquito Surveillance Protocol within a Zoological Park: A Pilot Study
Diane LarsonIDZBiosecurity and Zoonotic Disease Risk at Livestock Exhibition Events
Hayleigh PassauerFSBField Experience Report at the Saline County Health Department
Emily SperryPHNEducating Riley County Seniors in Basic Nutrition



Congratulations to New Fall 2017 Students

MPH StudentEmphasis
Kayla BrockInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses
Jami GallagherPublic Health Physical Activity
Bianca GarciaPublic Health Nutrition
Kendra HolthausInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses
Hannah LuxInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses
Jesseca MilholmInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses
Olivia PadenPublic Health Nutrition
Heather PooleInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses
Jovita RamjisinghCertificate in Public Health Core Concepts
Paul RamlowInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses
Hao ShiInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses
Amanda TodavchickPublic Health Nutrition
Amy WedelInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses
Emma WinkleyInfectious Diseases and Zoonoses

Congratulations to our December 2017 Graduates!

StudentEmphasisField Experience SiteMajor Professor
Bailey DavisInfectious DiseasesAnimal Protective League, Springfield, ILRobert Larson
Holly KuckelmanPublic Health NutritionKansas Department of Education, Child Nutrition and WellnessSandra Procter
Corey MillerPublic Health NutritionNational Institutes of Health, National Human Genome InstituteTanda Kidd
Victoria "Kinley" ReedInfectious DiseasesTennessee Department of Health/Vanderbuilt UniversityEllyn Mulcahy
Aaron SwankPublic Health Physical ActivityLafene Health CenterEmily Mailey
Alyssa ToillionInfectious DiseasesKansas Department of AgricultureRobert Larson
Amanda Jo WorthingtonInfectious DiseasesShawnee County Health DepartmentEllyn Mulcahy
Jonathan YangInfectious DiseasesSaline County Health DepartmentRobert Larson