Public Health Graduate Certificate Program

This certificate program is designed to give individuals, both working professionals and graduate students on campus with no formal public health education, a strong foundation of knowledge in the five core concept areas of public health. These five areas meet the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) program accreditation standards.

  1. Biostatistics
  2. Epidemiology
  3. Environmental Health
  4. Health Services Administration
  5. Social and Behavioral Sciences

The courses required for the certificate are the same ones required in the core concept areas for the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program currently offered at Kansas State University. The courses necessary to complete the Certificate Program are:

  • Biostatistics: MPH 701 (STAT 701) Fundamental Methods of Biostatistics (3 hrs)
  • Environmental health sciences: MPH 802 (DMP 802) Environmental Health (3 hrs)
  • Epidemiology: MPH 754 (DMP 754) Introduction to Epidemiology (3 hrs)
  • Health services administration: MPH 720 (HMD 720) Administration of Health Care Organizations (3 hrs)
  • Social and behavioral sciences: MPH 818 (KIN 818) Social and Behavioral Bases of Public Health (3 hrs)

These courses provide sufficient breadth to allow each student, as a current or future public health professional, attain knowledge and skills in the core public health concepts. The common focus of all public health professionals, whether educated in public health or a related discipline, is population-level health. The basis of this focus is an ecological model of health which assumes that health and well being are affected by interaction among the multiple determinants of health.