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Department of Modern Languages

Kirmser Language Center - Eisenhower Hall 001 - (785) 532-6762

Kirmser Language Center Supervisor

Natacha Mally, German GTA

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Spring 2019 Hours:

MWF: 8:30 am to 1:30 pm

T/Th: 8:30 am to 1:00 pm



On September 12, 2014 the newly renovated Language Learning Center was dedicated and renamed the Kirmser Language Center, in memory of the donors, Jeune and Philip Kirmser, whose bequest made the renovation possible.  Approximately 30 faculty, students, and guests gathered in the classroom adjoining the language center for brief speeches, refreshments, and ribbon cutting. Special guests included Peter Dorhout, Dean of the College of Arts of Sciences, Sheila Walker and Emily Mahoney, with the KSU Foundation, and Sandy Chastan, daughter of the Kirmsers.

With the renovation and addition of new technology, the Kirmser Learning Center is now an attractive, comfortable, and flexible space that serves a variety of functions, including a meeting space for graduate students. In addition to its use for placement exams and individual student work for classes, faculty are now employing the Center and its new technological capabilities for oral proficiency assessment, screening of films to classes, and connecting students with native speaking peers in other parts of the world.
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Modern Languages has been granted free access to the Memsource Academic Edition, an academic program designed for universities with translation courses.