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Department of Modern Languages

Kirmser Language Center - Eisenhower Hall 001 - (785) 532-6762

KLC Fall 2021 Hours:

 To be announced!


Kirmser Language CenterImage of the Kirmser Language Center


The Kirmser Language Center honors Jeune and Philip Kirmser, whose bequest made a renovation possible. With this renovation and the addition of new technology, the Kirmser Learning Center is now an attractive, comfortable, and flexible space that serves a variety of functions, including a meeting space for graduate students. In addition to its use by individual students for classes, faculty employ the Center and its new technological capabilities for oral proficiency assessment, film screening, and to connect students with native speaking peers around the world. 



Modern Languages has been granted free access to the Memsource Academic Edition, an academic program designed for universities with translation courses.