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University selects 11 Civic Leadership Scholarship finalists from high schools across Kansas, region

Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015



MANHATTAN — Kansas State University recently selected 11 high school seniors as finalists for the university's Civic Leadership Scholarship

The finalists competed in an on-campus interview and recognition day Jan. 22. The competition rewards students who are making a difference and demonstrating creativity by developing projects and programs with a lasting impact on those they serve. The finalists were selected for demonstrating a commitment to serving others in their community, school or place of worship. Read the winners' summaries of their civic engagement at http://www.k-state.edu/admissions/finaid/civicrecipients.html

Former Kansas Gov. John Carlin, a professor at Kansas State University's Staley School of Leadership Studies, served as honorary chairman of the Civic Leadership Scholarship competition. 

"Carlin provided a supportive voice to all the finalists," said Kiley Moody, coordinator of the university's New Student Services. 

Finalists who are not awarded one of the top three scholarships receive $500 book scholarships funded by combined gifts from Steve and Patricia Baccus and Dan and Cheryl Yunk. 

The following high school seniors were Civic Leadership Scholarship finalists: 

From Greater Kansas City: Cooper McGuire, Gardner, Gardner Edgerton High School; and Chloe Davis and Jillian Lewis, both from Overland Park and Blue Valley Southwest High School. 

Kayce Feldkamp, Seneca, Nemaha Central High School. 

From Topeka: Emmaline Bohlander, Seaman High School; Jordan Craft, Shawnee Heights High School; and Benjamin Higgins, Cair Paravel High School. 

Mikala Bradbury, Wellington, Wellington High School; and Bethany Chegwidden, Wichita, Wichita East High School. 

From out of state: Adam Barbee, Collinsville, Illinois, O'Fallon Township High School; and William Ricken, St. Louis, Missouri, St. Louis University High School.


Kiley Moody


Civic Leadership Scholarship

News tip

Gardner, Overland Park, Seneca, Topeka and Wichita, Kansas; Collinsville, Illinois; and St. Louis, Missouri.


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Civic Leadership Scholarship

Front row, from left: Jillian Lewis, Chloe Davis, Bethany Chegwidden, Benjamin Higgins and Cooper McGuire. Back row, from left: Pat Bosco, Kansas State University vice president for student life and dean of students, Mikala Bradbury, Adam Barbee, Emmaline Bohlander, Jordan Craft and Kayce Feldkamp. Not pictured is William Ricken.

At a glance

Eleven high school seniors from across Kansas and the region were named finalists for Kansas State University's Civic Leadership Scholarship.