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K-Staters in the news - February 2010


K-State's news services staff keeps track of news stories and features appearing in the media about K-State faculty and programs. If you know of a current article that we don't have listed, please let us know and we will add it.

K-State faculty members have a great reputation for being helpful to the news media. We see the results of this cooperation in national and regional news clips.


Alumnus, Ranganath, "What Makes For Building Safety," 2/28/10 The Hindu

K-State, "Gathering, Sharing Of Intelligence Improving," 2/28/10 Wichita Eagle

K-State, "Gun Bill Would Void Sign Use," 2/28/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Engineering and computer engineering, Ruth Douglas Miller, "Wind For Schools: The Little Program With Big Benefits," February 2010

Educational Leadership, Robert J. Shoop, "DISD Educators' Misconduct With Students Kept Quiet," 2/28/10 Denton Record-Chronicle

Alumnae, "Woman Vet Says Rural Attitudes Hurt," 2/28/10 Lincoln Journal-Star

Communication studies, theatre, and dance, LeAnn Brazeal, "KSU Earns National Mock Trial Bid," 2/27/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

K-State, "K-State Gardens' Luncheon Series Begins Friday," 2/27/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Alumna, Becky Groene, "Winfield Native Brings Interior Decorating Business Home," 2/27/10 Winfield Courrier

K-State, "It's Your Business," 2/27/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Prospective student, Greg Harris, "Chapman, Abilene FFA Chapter Presidents From Same Household," 2/27/10 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

K-State, "Breaking Out Of The Prison Of Poverty," 2/27/10 Iola Register

Student, Robert Swift, "KSU Students Raising Money For Fellow Students," 2/26/10 KTKA 49 News

K-State, "Many Students Entering College With Little Knowledge Of Finances," 2/26/10 KTKA 49 News

Alumnus, Duane Cantrell, "Cantrell To Lead Foundation," 2/26/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Agricultural Research, Phil Stahlman, "Glyphosate-Resistant Kochia Confirmed In Kansas," 2/26/10

Agricultural economics, Vincent Amanor-Boadu, "Slow Economic Recovery Elicits Cautious Optimism," 2/26/10

Agricultural economics, Ted Schroeder, "KLA: Climate Change On Cattemen's Day Program By KLA," 2/26/10

Entomology, J.P. Michaud, "EPA Stops Use Of Effective Insecticides," 2/26/10 High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

Human nutrition, Sandy Procter, "Aim To Improve Eating Habits, Family Meals," 2/26/10 High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

Extension SE, Doug Shoup, "Crop Rotation Is Vital To No-till Success," 2/26/10 High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

Management, Diane Swanson, "Executive Compensation: Reforms Are Slowly Gaining," 2/26/10 Daily Finance

K-State, "Licensing Revenue And Patent Activity, 2008 Fiscal Year," 2/26/10 Chronicle of Higher Education

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Editorial: Growth Potential," 2/17/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Biology, Kristin Michel, biochemistry, Chunju An, student, Krista McKay, "Research On Mosquito Genes Could Be Used For Disease Control Measures," 2/17/10 The Medical News, Science Centric,, Medical News Today (United Kingdom), Silobreaker (United Kingdom), Science Daily, RedOrbit, AOL News,, 2/15/10 WIBW Kansas Newsleader, Health Canal

K-State, "Pathologist Examines Elmer's body," 2/17/10

K-State, "New Mineralised Molasses Block Takes Some Licking," 2/17/10 Scoop Independent News

Student, Kanithaporn Puangsombat, animal sciences and industry, J. Scott Smith, "Adding Rosemary To Beef Decreases Cancer-Causing Agents," 2/17/10 mediLexicon, Medical News Today (United Kingdom), Daily News & Analysis (India), (India), (India), Newstrack India (India), Sindh Today (Pakistan), (India), Indians in Thailand (Thailand), (Australia), News Blaze

Student, Dalton Henry, "Students Lobby At Statehouse," 2/16/10 Topeka Capital-Journal, Lawrence Journal-World, 2/17/10 University Daily Kansan, KTKA-TV 49 ABC News

Anthropology, Mike Wesch, Barf Blog, "50 Social Media Innovators In Higher Education," 2/16/10

Vice Provost Ruth Dyer, architecture, Gary Coates, "Kansas Schools Team Up To Build Eco Friendly Home," 2/16/10 KTKA TV

K-State at Salina, Troy Brockway, student, Joe Englert, "K-State Students Learn To Correct In-Flight Troubles," 2/16/10 Salina Journal

K-State, "Can This Marriage Be Saved?" 2/16/10 Blog: Barking Carnival

Anatomy and physiology, Deryl Troyer, "Stem Cell Therapy On Olathe Pet A First In Kansas," 2/16/10

K-State, "Case Study: Kansas State University," 2/16/10 ECM Connection

Clinical sciences, Bonnie R. Rush, "Equine Reproduction Advances Discussed At AAEP," 2/16/10, The

Geography, Jeffrey Smith, "Government Works To Ensure Accurate Census Count," 2/16/10 Garden City Telegram

Grain science and industry, Keith Behnke, Dirk Maier, President Kirk Schulz, animal sciences and industry, Ken Odde, "Planned Construction Of Feed Mill Announced," 2/16/10 Southwest Farm Press

Agricultural economics, Kevin Dhuyvetter, "Finding The Middle Ground In Lease Agreements," 2/16/10 Farm Talk Online

Hospitality management and dietetics, Junehee Kwon, Kevin Roberts, "Researchers: Independent Ethnic Restaurants Have More Violations," 2/16/10 WIBW, Manhattan Mercury, 2/17/10 Accountability Central, (Mexico), Medical News Today (United Kingdom), (India), (Australia), (India), (India), Yahoo! India, Newstrack India, Indians in Thailand, Science Daily, WTVO/WQRF-TV Rockford (IL), Genetic Engineering News (NAT), Science Codex (Blogs), Infection Control Today, PhysOrg,, Genetic Engineering News, Newswise,,, Infection Control Today, KMAN

Athletics, "K-State Earns Highest Ranking Since 1960-61 Season," 2/16/10

Extension, Mike Hanson, "Kansas State To Lead Workshop On Biosecurity For Agriculture," 2/16/10

K-State, "Cattle Vaccines May Cut Risk Of Passing Deadly Bacteria -- But Who Pays?" 2/16/10,, 2/12/10 Wichita Eagle

President Kirk Schulz, "Higher Ed Leaders Told To Collaborate More," 2/15/10 Lawrence Journal World, KTKA 49 ABC News

Student, Brandon Clark, "KSU Honors First Black Graduates," 2/15/10 KTKA 49 ABC News

Communications and marketing, Jeff Morris, "New KSU Job Will Create Brand For University," 2/15/10 KTKA 49 ABC News

Clinical sciences, Chris Blevins, "Equine Well-Being Symposium Planned For Horse Owners by Kansas State University," 2/15/10

Athletics, John Currie, "Student Support Of Athletics Results In Reduced Student Ticket Prices," 2/15/10 KMAN

Student, Travis Linnemann, "Student Receives Grant For Dissertation On Kansas Crime," 2/15/10 WIBW, Manhattan Mercury

Horticulture forestry and recreation, Thomas Warner, "K-State's Newest Outdoor Program In Nation's First," 02/14/10 Wichita Eagle

Student, Melanie Hinzpeter, "College News," 2/16/10 Suburban Journals

President Kirk Schulz, "KSU Seeks $15M To Cover Higher Costs," 2/16/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State Gardens, "KSU Gardens' 2010 Luncheon Series To Begin March 5," 2/16/10 WIBW, Manhattan Mercury

Alumna, Jackie Vietti, "Innovation In Action," 2/16/10 Poten & Partners, Wichita Eagle

Students, "Area students earn honors, graduate from K-State," 2/16/10 Winfield Daily Courier

K-State, "How To Raise Your Child’s IQ," 2/16/10 Ottawa Herald

Family studies and human services, Sandra Stith, "Male College Students Also Victims Of Violence At Girlfriend's Hands," 2/15/10 MediLexicon, WGMZ-FM Z93.1, OfficialWire,, UPI, Medial News Today, WIOD NewsRadio 610, 55 KRC, WOAI News Radio, 2/12/10 New York Daily News, 2/14/10 Manhattan Mercury, 2/16/10 Brightsurf, WKKT (FM) 96.9 (NC), WLYT-FM (NC)

Facilities, Edward D. Rice, "U. Of Alabama Shooting: A Case Of 'Workplace Violence'?" 2/15/10 USA Today, Inside Higher Ed

Biology, Kristin Michel, Biochemistry, Chunju An, student, Krista McKay, "K-State Researchers Seek Better Understanding of Malaria, Disease Control," 2/15/10 Manhattan Mercury

Extension, Mary Knapp, "Brrr! Winter On Track To Be One Of Coldest Ever," 2/15/10 Manhattan Mercury

President Kirk Schulz, Alumni Association Board, Jerry Boettcher, "K-State Alumni Membership Highest in Big 12," 2/14/10 Manhattan Mercury

Advanced Manufacturing Institute, students, "Internships to Provide 'Real-World' Experience," 2/14/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Photo Community To Offer Licensed KSU Marks," 2/14/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Creative Group Recognized for Local Design Work," 2/14/10 Manhattan Mercury

Human nutrition, Brian Lindshield, "K-State Professor Says Some Types of Chocolate More Healthy than Others," 2/14/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "U.S. Military Learning New Type of War," 2/14/10 Manhattan Mercury

Agricultural economics, Ted Schroeder, "Consumer Keys: Convenience, Safety, Health And Nutrition," 2/14/10 The Prairie Star

K-State, "Students Encouraged To Help Protect Higher Education," 2/14/10

K-State Salina, "I Love Thee With A Passion," 2/14/10 Salina Journal

Extension, Dan O'Brien, "Questions About Latest U.S. Corn Crop May Persist for Months to Come," 2/13/10 Salina Journal, 2/16/10 Farm Talk

K-State, "Women Student Majorities At Most Universities Are Leveling Off," 2/12/10 Kansas City Star

Family studies and human services, Tony Jurich, "Valentine's Day Not Just For Couples," 2/12/10 Reuters UK, 2/14/10 Manhattan Mercury, 2/16/10 Times of India,

History, Bonnie Lynn-Sherow, "Lecture: Dr. Bonnie Lynn-Sherow: 'The Mythological Power Of The Family Farm,' State of the Rockies Speaker Series," 2/12/10 Colorado College

Student, Charles Melton, "Survivors Join Together To Cope, Bond At TAPS Good Grief Camp," 2/12/10 1st Infantry Division Post

Hospitality management and dietetics, Pat Pesci, "Dining Etiquette Dinner At MUW Set For Feb. 25," 2/12/10 Mississippi University for Women

K-State, "Report: Savings From School District Consolidation Not As Great As Thought," 02/12/10 Wichita Eagle

Powercat Financial Counseling, Jodi Kaus, "Considerations Should Be Made Before Deciding to Eliminate Credit Card Usage," 2/12/10 1st Infantry Division Post

Music, Slawomir Dobrzanski, "Three Cellists Please Library Audience," 2/12/10 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Lee Modesitt, "Challenger Files Against Carlin," 2/12/10 Manhattan Mercury, 2/14/10 KMAN

Aviation, Eric Shappee, Kurt Barnhart, William Gross, Bernard King, Troy Brockway and Andrew Smith, "KSU Professor Honored With Rare 5th Recertification," 2/11/10 Manhattan Mercury

Anthropology, Michael Wesch, students, John Grice and Katy Zapletal, "Proud Campaign Announces New Leadership," 2/11/10 Manhattan Mercury

Students, Amy Sents, Taylor Connolly, Kristi Mendenhall, Julie Chelewski and Samuel Brinton, "KSU Nominates 5 for Truman Scholarships," 2/11/10 Manhattan Mercury

GROW, "K-State's 'Helping Hands' Event To Encourage Science Ed," 2/10/10 Manhattan Mercury

Multicultural Programs, Jessica Elmore, Alumni Association, Amy Button Renz, diversity and dual career development, Myra Gordon, "K-State's First African-American Alumni To Be Memorialized At Alumni Center," 2/10/10 Manhattan Mercury

Leadership Studies, Mary Hale Tolar, Sue Pray, "Movin' On Up," 2/09/10 Manhattan Mercury

Theater, "'Big Love', On Nichols Stage, Pleases Audience," 2/09/10 Manhattan Mercury

Horticulture, Kim Williams, agriculture, Don Bogs, "KSU Professor Honored For Teaching Excellence," 2/09/10 Manhattan Mercury

Animal sciences and industry, Melvin Hunt, "MUSCLE FOODS; New findings from Kansas State University describe advances in muscle foods," 2/4/10 Food Weekly News

President Kirk Schulz, "Universities Feel Budget Pinch," 2/4/10 Topeka Capital-Journal

Economics, Florence Neymotin, "Immigration Doesn't Threaten US-Born Students' Chances at College, Economist's Study Finds," 2/4/10 Science Daily

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Doug Powell, "2010 Food Safety Conference- Highlights Day 1," 2/4/10 The Consumers Goods Forum

K-State, " K-State's Engineering Career Fair To Link Students With More Than 80 Employers," 2/4/10

K-State, "Tax Accountability," 2/4/10

Alumna, Summer Lewis, "K-State Grad Named World Peace Fellow," 2/4/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State events, "Enjoy A Weekend Full of 'Big Love' and Lots Of Laughs," 2/4/10 Manhattan Mercury

Athletics, Bill Snyder, "K-State Announces Diverse 2010 Recruiting Class," 2/4/10 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Ashley Sweat, "Sweat A Finalist For Senior CLASS Award," 2/4/10 Manhattan Mercury

Diagnostic medicine and pathobiology, Douglas Powell, "FOOD SAFETY: Londoners Were Promised a System That Would Identify Restaurants Which Passed Health Inspections, Had Minor Violations or Major Ones," 2/3/10 The London Free Press

Students, Anna Pesta, Hyatt Frobose, Thomas Wilson, Clement Neely, "Kansas State University Claims Championship At 2010 Cattle Industry Convention Quiz Bowl," 2/3/10 Cattle Network, Agri Marketing (MO), National Cattlemen's Beef Association

Animal sciences and industry, Ken Odde, President Kirk Schulz, "K-State Cattlemen's Day Set For March 5," 2/3/10 Cattle Network

Geography, Jeffrey Smith, "Geography Professor to Present Larson Lecture," 2/3/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State Division of Continuing Education, Melinda Sinn, "KSU Distance Education Encouraging Greater Purple Pride," 2/3/10 Manhattan Mercury

Student, Dalton Henry, "Letters to the Editor: If Students Can't Control Parties, Then They Shouldn't Have Them," 2/3/10 Manhattan Mercury

Leadership studies, "K-STATE: Students Participate In A Community Service Trip Over K-State's Winter Break," 2/3/10

Clinical sciences, Dan Thomson, "E. Coli Vaccine Adds Another Layer Of Safety," 2/3/10 Beef Safety

Alumnus, Jim Isch, "Isch: Universities Responsible for Policing Coaches," 2/2/10 Manhattan Mercury

K-State, "Shawnee Couple Score Touchdown With All-Natural Edamame Dips," 2/3/10, 2/2/10 Kansas City Star

Financial Counseling Services, Jodi Kaus, "Though some may avoid plastic, doing so could lower credit score," 2/3/10

K-State, "Letter: In Poor Taste," 2/2/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Sociology, anthropology, and social work, Michael Wesch, "Leader Of Xbox Team To Speak At UNC Chapel Hill's CHAT Festival," 2/2/10 Tech Journal South

Leadership studies, John Carlin, new student services, Tamara Bauer, "K-State Selects Civic Leadership Scholarship Recipients," 2/2/10 WIBW TV

K-State, "Students Make Fashion Statement," 2/2/10 Kansas City Star

National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, "Governor Parkinson Comments On Additional NBAF Funding," 2/2/10 WIBW TV

Alumnus, Nicholas Bowser, "Kansas Named to FSA State Committee," 2/2/10 McPherson Sentinel

National Bio- and Agro- Defense Facility, "Statehouse Live: NBAF Funding Moves Forward," 2/2/10

Management, Ike Ehie, "Experts Identify Curriculum Change As Key to Students' Employability," 2/2/10

K-State Student Union, "Architecture Lecture," 2/210 Manhattan Mercury

K-State at Salina, Eric Shappee, "12 Aviation Educators On January Master Instructors List," 2/2/10

Mortar Board Senior Honor Society, "Schools Release Honor Rolls," 2/1/10 The Emporia Gazette

Sociology, anthropology and social work, Harold Prins, Bunny McBride, "'Indians in Eden' A Treasury of History, Images," 2/1/10 Bangor Daily News

Agricultural economics, Barry Flinchbaugh, "Kansas City Board of Trade Appoints Public Directors," 2/1/10 USAGnet

History, student, Paul Thomsen, "Hans Trefousse: A Scholar and a Gentleman," 2/1/10

NBAF, "Funding Helps the NBAF Forward With Mission of Protecting the American Food Supply," 2/1/10 Country 102.9 Hutchinson Country Station

McCain Auditorium,  "Skaggs Carries On Bluegrass Tradition," 2/1/10 Manhattan Mercury

Alumnus, Steve Shaner, "A Big Thank You," 2/1/10 Manhattan Mercury

Mascot, "Birthday Boy," 2/1/10 Manhattan Mercury

Clinical sciences, Susan Nelson, "Puppy Hiccups: Are They Normal?" 2/1/10

Alumnus, James Isch, "NCAA Interim President Has KSU Ties," 2/1/10 Wichita Eagle

Black Student Union, "Black History Month Celebrated at K-State With various Events," 2/1/10 Abilene Reflector-Chronicle

Alumna, Jane Butel, "Chile Queen Coming to K-State," 2/1/10 Topeka Capital Journal

Alumnus, Troy Price, "Soldier's Mission In Afghanistan Slowly Starting To Bear Fruit," 2/01/10 Hutchinson News

Former faculty, Nathaniel A. White, "Equine Professor Ready To Take the Reins," 2/1/10 AVMA News