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Communication Studies

Build your skills through flexible specializations and prepare for what’s now and what’s next.

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Your relationships, your careers, your communities start here.

Get career ready and life ready by learning in-demand communication skills. Communication Studies at Kansas State University helps you develop the skills you need to excel in the workplace of the future, create change in your communities, foster strong relationships and practice effective leadership and advocacy. In Communication Studies, you can customize your college experience with a flexible curriculum and high-impact learning opportunities such as internships; research projects; and participating on our debate, speech and mock trial teams. You’ll work closely with expert faculty who care about your success. And you’ll emerge ready for what comes next.


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Pursue your interests and develop the skills you’ll need to lead, connect, and thrive in your communities, workplaces and relationships.

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Customize your degree by pursuing specializations of your choice in areas such as organizational and career communication, legal advocacy, political and civic advocacy and emerging technology.

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Communication affects relationships, group workplaces and communities. Communication is part of every career, no matter your major.


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Apply For Scholarships

The A.Q. Miller School scholarship program is one of the largest funders of education in K-State’s College of Arts and Sciences, giving nearly $190,000 in annual scholarships to students. Comm Studies students can apply for need-based and merit-based scholarships each academic year.