The 2022 Royal Purple yearbook named as a national Pacemaker Finalist for best college yearbook in the country

Jan. 20, 2023

The 2022 Royal Purple yearbook is a finalist for the national Pacemaker award for best college yearbook in the country. The Pacemaker is considered the Pulitzer of college journalism.

The Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) chose the Royal Purple among 10 finalists in the competition. The Royal Purple is a publication of the Collegian Media Group, which also publishes the Collegian student newspaper and Manhappenin' lifestyle magazine. The Royal Purple’s 2021-2022 Editor-in-Chief, Hallie Everett, was hired in June 2022 to advise the yearbook.

Editor-in-chief Hallie Everett with 2022 Royal Purple Yearbook

"Adding this Pacemaker finalist award to the long list of awards the Royal Purple has won reminds us how rewarding it is to produce a high-quality product that people outside of our staff admire," Everett said.

During the 2021-22 academic year Everett led a team of around 20 student writers, photographers, page designers and copy editors toward realizing their fullest potential.

“That’s one of many things we offer to every student at Kansas State University,” CMG Director David Levy said. “Students across all academic disciplines are working with our publications and building transferable skills they can apply toward any career path.”

Levy advised the yearbook in spring 2022 after John Walter, who advised the staff between Fall 2019 through December 2021, resigned for a new career path.

In October 2022, ACP recognized the Royal Purple yearbook as the Number One college media publication, having won more national Pacemaker and Pacemaker Finalist awards than any college yearbook, newspaper or magazine combined over 100 years.

ACP will announce the 2022 Pacemaker winner on March 11 at its national spring conference in San Francisco.

“While the recognition is always welcome, it’s really about our students," Levy said. "They’re choosing to do the hard work. They’re choosing to hold themselves to the highest possible standard. They’re carrying on the legacy of creating their own paths to succeed in their careers and at life. Every K-State student is welcome to do that with us.”

About Collegian Media Group

Collegian Media Group publishes the Collegian newspaper, Royal Purple yearbook and Manhappenin’ magazine. Students across all academic disciplines work on the publications to build portfolios and skill sets they can use in any workplace environment. They gain teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. CMG operates in Kedzie Hall, Room 103. Students can visit the office anytime to learn how to get involved. The organization operates as a 501(c)3 under IRS rules. Most of CMG’s revenue derives from student activity fees, advertising sales, yearbook sales, tuition from a summer workshop for high schools in Kansas, and other endeavors.