K-State Channel 8 newscasts win two regional student Emmy Awards

May 8, 2023

KKSU-TV Channel 8, Kansas State University’s student-run newscast, won two Heartland Student Television Emmy Awards, which encompass Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma.

“We have so many amazing students creating quality content and it is very gratifying to see them honored with a Heartland Emmy award,” said Andrew Smith, professor of practice and assistant director of the news and sports media program. “The students have worked very hard this year and deserve this recognition up against some of the best in the country.”

Eden Brockman won an Emmy for her senior project, “Channel 8 News Special Report: Political Polarization in Kansas.”

“I am honored to win a Heartland Emmy. In all my journalism work, I find my preconceived notions are challenged, and I end up discovering new ways of thinking that help me grow as a person,” Brockman said. “Ultimately, I hope my work helps others consider alternative perspectives and grow as well.”

Political Polarization in Kansas

Watch the Heartland Emmy award-winning broadcast by Eden Brockman.

Brockman received a research grant to fund this project and conducted original research for her special. The project was part of an honors video practicum class, a one-on-one mentorship class with Smith. Fellow students from Wildcat Electronic Media assisted Brockman through camera work and other help.

“I am so grateful to everyone who supported me in this project,” Brockman said. “Specifically, I would like to thank Andrew Smith for mentoring me through the entire video process and Dr. Raluca Cozma for mentoring me through the corresponding research paper. The study participants gave their viewpoints on difficult and complex concepts, and I am so glad their perspectives resonated with viewers.”

“MHK All-Day: Sports Special” also won an Emmy award. The special covered a variety of K-State sports topics, including the Big 12 Championship, an opera and play-by-play crossover, and athletes who are giving back to their community.

MHK All-Day: Sports Special

Watch the Heartland Emmy award-winning special by Sports Reporting students.

The special was a collaborative project by students in the MC 410 Sports Reporting class: Dawson Wagner, Jacob Hall, Blake Crawford, Landon Platter, Aaron Magill, Chase Knutsen-Hagemann and Ryan Zielseorf.

“The Heartland Emmy awards show the strength and the progression of our program as a whole,” Smith said. “We have come to expect excellence and opportunity when you do journalism the right way, regardless of the subject matter. This is just the beginning for Channel 8 News and Wildcat Electronic Media."

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