Collegian Media Group wins 51 individual awards at Kansas Collegiate Media conference

April 24, 2023

Students who publish The Collegian newspaper, Royal Purple yearbook, and Manhappenin’ magazine won 51 individual awards at this year’s Kansas Collegiate Media conference on April 17. This includes CMG’s advertising and marketing team.

CMG students win 51 awards at Kansas Collegiate Media conference

Collegian newspaper reporter, Meredith McCalmon, won First Place for Best General News Writing. “I’m so happy for Meredith,” CMG’s Director, David Levy, said. “Meredith has been appointed News Editor for the 2023-24 academic year, and this reflects her ability to lead.”

Alexia King won First Place for Best Photo Story in the Magazine/Yearbook division and The Collegian’s Dylan Connell, who graduated in December 2022, won First Place for Best Environmental Portrait.

The 2022 Royal Purple yearbook won First Place in the All-Kansas competition.

“More gratifying than having been the editor-in-chief,” Hallie Everett said, “is that now I’m the publication’s adviser and got to watch this year’s staff publish the 2023 yearbook and carry forward the RP’s tradition of excellence.” Everett also advises Manhappen’ magazine. This year’s editor-in-chief, Concha Campa, won First Place for Best Magazine Cover Design.

The Collegian won Second Place in both the All-Kansas competition for Best Newspaper and Best Online and Digital Newspaper. “This is a great ranking,” Levy said. “Several award categories were streamlined this year, making them more competitive. Plus, last spring all but one Collegian editorial board leader graduated. They also had a younger staff. Next year, many are returning and will get to build upon the talent they already have. I’m really looking forward to working with them.”

CMG’s advertising and marketing team nearly swept the Best Advertising Campaign category. Maggie James won First Place and Bethany Peek won an Honorable Mention and Second Place. Peek walked away with four awards, including First Place for Best Social Media Marketing Promotion, for Manhappenin’.

“Our advertising and marketing staff are working hard behind-the-scenes to help make each of our publications possible and the caliber of their work continues to be exemplary," CMG Assistant Director, Daren Lee Lewis, said.

Levy said, “Many of our students are not in the A.Q. Miller School of Media and Communication. We have agriculture, business, engineering, and architecture majors."

CMG’s Advertising Sales Manager, Hannah Lucas, graduates in May. She said all the interviews for the post-graduation job she has already landed, selling airplanes, have come back to CMG. “That’s what they wanted to know about. What I have done at Collegian Media.” Her advice to students: “Get it on your resume.”

The full list of awards is below.


Kansas Collegiate Media, 2023

*HM (Honorable Mention)

Feature Photo: Magazine/Yearbook
HM, Macey Franko (Royal Purple)

Page Spread Design: Magazine/Yearbook
HM, Concha Campa (Manhappenin’)

Social Media Marketing and Promotion
1st Place, Bethany Peek (Manhappenin’)
2nd Place, Alyssa Fullington and Marshall Sunner (The Collegian)
3rd Place, Maggie James
HM, Alyssa Fullington and Marshall Sunner (The Collegian)

Advertising Design
HM, Bethany Peek (Manhappenin’)
HM, Maggie James

Front Page Design: Newspaper
3rd Place, Sarah Unruh (The Collegian)

2nd Place, Catherine Eldridge (The Collegian)
HM, Zoe Schumacher (The Collegian)

Profile Writing: Newspaper
1st Place, Kelsey Bigelow
3rd Place, Chase Knutson-Hagemann (The Collegian)

Profile Writing: Magazine/Yearbook
1st Place, Lanie Henry (Manhappenin’)
3rd Place, Olivia Chase (Royal Purple)

Breaking/General News Writing: Newspaper
1st Place, Meredith McCalmon (The Collegian)
3rd Place, Landon Reinhardt (The Collegian)
HM, Carter Schaffer and Lexi Liby

Feature Writing: Newspaper
2nd Place, Grace Needham (The Collegian)
HM, Grace Needham (The Collegian)

Sports Feature Writing: Newspaper
2nd Place, Landon Reinhardt (The Collegian)
HM, Landon Reinhardt (The Collegian)

Sports Game Writing: Newspaper
2nd Place, Landon Reinhardt (The Collegian)
HM, Luke Lazarczyk (The Collegian)

Column Writing: Newspaper
1st Place, Maddie Daniels (The Collegian)
2nd Place, Nathan Enserro and Sarah Unruh (The Collegian)

Social Media Reporting: Newspaper
HM, Alyssa Fullington and Dylan Connell (The Collegian)

Digital Storytelling: Newspaper
3rd Place, Eden Brockman (The Collegian)
HM, Carter Schaffer (The Schaffer)

Photo Story: Magazine/Yearbook
1st Place, Alexia King (Manhappenin’)

Sports Photography: Newspaper
2nd Place, Julia Smith (The Collegian)
HM, Ben Voller (The Collegian)

Portrait Photo
1st Place, Dylan Connell (The Collegian)
HM, Macey Franko (Royal Purple)

Sports Photography: Magazine/Yearbook
3rd Place, Macey Franko
HM, Ben Voller (The Collegian)

Online Photo Story/Gallery
3rd Place, Dylan Connell and Ben Voller (The Collegian)

News Photo: Newspaper
HM, Elizabeth Sandstrom (The Collegian)

News Photo: Magazine/Yearbook
2nd Place, Reece Bachta (Royal Purple)

Cover Design: Magazine/Yearbook
1st Place, Concha Campa (Manhappenin’)

Inside Spread/Page Design: Newspaper
HM, Sarah Unruh (The Collegian)

Illustration (all publication divisions)
1st Place, Zoe Schumacher (The Collegian)
HM, Sarah Unruh (The Collegian)

Headline Design (all publication divisions)
2nd Place, Catherine Eldridge (The Collegian)

Headline Writing: Newspaper
1st Place, Luke Lazarczyk (The Collegian)

Onsite Copyediting
3rd Place, Carter Schaffer (The Collegian)
3rd Place, Kira Bishop (The Collegian)

Overall All-Kansas Yearbook
1st Place, Staff, Royal Purple

Overall All-Kansas Print Newspaper
2nd Place, Staff, The Collegian

Overall All-Kansas Online/Digital Newspaper
2nd Place, Staff, The Collegian

Overall All-Kansas Magazine
3rd Place, Staff, Manhappenin’

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Collegian Media Group documents history and shares stories of Kansas State University and Manhattan with communities on and off campus. Founded in 1946 as Student Publications Incorporated and renamed in 2012, Collegian Media Group is a private enterprise overseen by a board of directors composed of university students, faculty, and community professionals. The business received non-profit status in 1947 and operates as a 501(c)3 under IRS rules. Most of CMG’s revenue derives from student activity fees, advertising sales, yearbook sales, tuition from a summer workshop for high schools in Kansas, and other endeavors.