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McNair Scholars Program

Clinton Medovich, M.P.A.


Education: Bachelor of Science in political science (May 2009)

Master of Public Administration from Columbus State University

McNair Project: The Relationship of Good and Law in the Mind of Saint Thomas Aquinas (2007)

Mentor: Laurie Johnson, Ph.D.

Is the purpose of law to make men good? This research paper tries to answer a portion of that overall question by focusing the question into: in St. Thomas Aquinas’ view, is the purpose of human law to make men good? Through context analysis of Aquinas’ original works, and by noting what other researchers have found in the course of their interpretations, I conclude that Thomas Aquinas would support the affirmative.

McNair Project: Law from Government from Locke (2008)

Mentor: Laurie Johnson, Ph.D.

Is the purpose of law to make men good? It may be important to look at this concept to gain better perspective on ideological roles of government. This paper tries to answer that question in part by looking at John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government and determine any possibility of good and then look at its relationship to the role of law. Through context analysis of original works, and by observing what other researchers have noted in the course of their investigations, I conclude that the purpose of law is not to make men good.