We welcome the newly inducted 29th cohort of McNair Scholars. These scholars will pair with faculty mentors in Spring 2024 and complete research in Summer 2024.

Riley Brokeshoulder
Audrey Etgen
Mihwa Gassett
Isaac Hernandez
Katie Janzen
Lilliana Lamagna
Citlali Rocha-Ruiz
Cassandra Rodriguez
Justus Rucker
Eulalio Saldana
Abraham Valdez
Fabel ñez


We celebrate the accomplishments of the 28th cohort. Click on scholars' names to learn about the research they conducted in Summer 2023.

Sarah Bechtel

Mentored by Alexandria Zakrzewski, Ph.D., in 2023

Liberty Belote

Mentored by Steffi Dippold, Ph.D., in 2023

Elizabeth Guevara

Mentored by Laura Valentin-Rivera, Ph.D., in 2023

TJ Hafliger

Mentored by Andrew Hope, Ph.D., in 2023

Koby Harding

Mentored by Cosmin Blaga, Ph.D., in 2023

Teri Jacques

Mentored by Eric Brandom, Ph.D., in 2023

Elvia Lopez-Morales

Mentored by Mary Kohn, Ph.D., in 2023

Rosalie Oliver

Mentored by Melinda Markham, Ph.D., in 2023

Nikéla Reed

Mentored by Benjamin McCloskey, Ph.D.

Abi Whitney

Mentored by Lisa Tatonetti, Ph.D., in 2023