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Pathways to STEM: Kansas Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (KS-LSAMP)

T.E.A.M. Mentor Information

The KS-LSAMP T.E.A.M. (Transfer Engagement And Mentoring) program is designed to help community college students make a successful transition from their two-year institution to K-State by connecting them with current K-State students.

The application deadline to become a T.E.A.M. mentor is September 13, 2019. You can find the form to apply under the Application section (bottom of the page).

Mentor Eligibility

  • Current K-State student who has transferred from a community college and will have completed two semesters at K-State
  • Currently majoring in a KS-LSAMP STEM major (see chart below)

Mentor Benefits

  • Compensation for participation
  • Opportunities to support the transfer of other students to K-State
  • Leadership Opportunity

Mentor Responsibilities

As a K-State student-mentor, you will be paired with another K-State student-mentor and then assigned to one community college mentee to form a team of three. You will co-mentor the student mentee with your K-State partner. As a mentor, our expectations are that you:

  • Be available to participate in the program from September 30 - November 22, 2019 (8 weeks)
  • Attend training session prior to the start of the program
  • Attend monthly program meetings (3 total, 1 hr each)
  • Communicate with your mentee at least 30 minutes weekly throughout the semester (4 hours total)
  • Maintain a record of communication with your mentee
  • Host your mentee for an on-campus event at K-State (Fall 2019)




You can find the mentor application HERE. Completed applications should be sent to Brenee King, breneek@ksu.edu via email or can be delivered in person at 1011 Seaton Hall, Kansas State University.

The deadline for Fall 2019 is September 13, 2019.

Questions can be directed toward Brenee King at breneek@ksu.edu or 785-532-6054.