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Kansas Lipidomics Research Center

LipidomeDB Data Calculation Environment

LipidomeDB DCE is a tool to process tandem mass spectrometry data acquired after direct infusion of a lipid-containing biological extract containing a cocktail of internal standards into an electrospray source. It is a joint project of the Kansas Lipidomics Research Center and the K-INBRE Bioinformatics Core Facility.  A detailed tutorial and additional information about processing direct infusion tandem mass spectrometry data is available at the website.

For further information on the DCE, please refer to the paper, LipidomeDB Calculation Environment: Online Processing of Direct-Infusion Mass Spectral Data for Lipid Profiles (Zhou et al., 2011) or the update paper LipidomeDB Data Calculation Environment has been updated to process direct-infusion multiple reaction monitoring data (Fruehan et al., 2018).

*Note: For precursor and neutral loss scanning, after acquiring sample data from our mass spectrometers, the KLRC utilizes a script from Applied Biosystems SCIEX called "Multiple Period Processing" to export the sample data into the proper format for the DCE. Though the input format can be replicated manually or through other scripts (for formatting, please see LipidomeDB DCE main page for links to example files), inquiries about the "Multiple Period Processing" script and its licensing information should be directed at AB SCIEX. MRM data can be processed with the Sciex add-on software, Multi-Quant, for export and further analysis using LipidomeDB DCE.