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Kansas Lipidomics Research Center

Data Acquisition Methods

KLRC is making available the Data Acquisition Method (.dam) files used with Applied Biosystems instruments (API4000 and 4000QTrap) for routine analyses of plant, animal, and yeast lipid samples via precursor and neutral loss scanning. These files were configured and used with SCIEX's Analyst Software (ver. 1.6), and also include KLRC's auto-sampler configuration on both the instruments. Links to the files are as indicated below:

Plant Routine Polar Lipid Analysis

Animal Routine Polar Lipid Analysis

Yeast Routine Polar Lipid Analysis

Data Acquisition Method (.dam) files for direct-infusion multiple reaction monitoring of the compounds analyzed by Vu et al. (2014, Plant J., 80, 728), but adapted for the Sciex 6500+ mass spectrometer, are also now available. These files were configured SCIEX's Analyst Software (ver. 1.6).

Sciex 6500+ alone
Sciex 6500+ with autosampler and pump