Travel Funding Requests

Travel Funding

(Funds awarded are determined by number of participants, location, type of conference/event.

Applications are due no later than 14 days prior to event.)

*Note: Beginning January 01, 2023 and through June 1, 2023 all Spring 2023 applicants must provide documentation of a minimum of 8 service hours to the LGBTQ+ community of K-State, Manhattan area, and/or Flint Hills Region. Please contact us for additional information and processing of pre-approved activities/locations for service hours. Requirement is applicable to all students, faculty, and staff.

The K-State Spectrum Center in Student Belonging and Inclusion, in partnership with alumni and donors, have created funds to recognize the contributions of an LGBTQ+ or allied student, faculty or staff member. These funds can assist in covering expenses related to traveling to or attending educational or professional conferences/meetings/etc.

Current Kansas State University students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher to be considered for funding. Students may appeal this requirement, if not met, by addressing the circumstances for the current cumulative GPA and the student’s measures to address the circumstances in the future. This appeal should be attached with the cover letter and request form at time of submittal. Documentation of circumstances can be attained by speaking with the Office of Student Life, Student Belonging and Inclusion, or departmental advisor. A representative of the Student Life division or advisor will need to confirm the written appeal.

Faculty and Staff must provide information on how their attendance to a particular event/conference can improve their mentorship to the LGBTQ student community or enhance their academic/professional endeavors.

Requests are only considered to attend functions that are specifically inclusive of LGBTQ+ activities, research, or leadership. Funding will be
determined by members of the Spectrum Center Advisory Board and based upon the number of requests for funding, extent of the individual’s involvement with the conference/meeting (i.e. presenting vs. attending), and location of said conference/meeting.

*Service Hour Requirement:

Opportunities for funding will require engagement from all our students, faculty, and staff in the form of Organizational ServiceHours.In order to be considered eligible for funding to specific off-campus events or other opportunities we ask that recipients give back to our community.

12 direct hours are required to be eligible for consideration to attend all off-campus events. You must obtain 12 hours for each event or conference; they cannot be combined, and hours are considered allocated to one off-campus event only.

For Spring 2023 a minimum of 8 Hours will be required.

In order to attend you MUST put in 12 direct servicehours to the LGBTQ+ Community. These hours must be signed off by a supervisor of an off-campus event or space, Dr. Brandon Haddock of the Spectrum Center or staff, or other K-State departmental representative who can confirm your engagement. Service hours will be documented in a document that you must sign, submit, and get approved. Students, faculty and staff are responsible for keeping track of hours submitted, communication about hours, and events that hours will be applied to.

Different Ways to Obtain Organizational Service Hours

  1. Informational Tabling for LGBTQ+ events and organizations (In the union, at student events, etc. This can be done by two people at a time.) = 2 Hours
  2. Working the Feb. Drag Show (This is the only option to get 4 hours in one event.) = 4 Hours
  3. Volunteering at True Colors (This must be communicated and approved by the leadership team at True Colors) = 2 Hours
  4. Admin Office Hours at the Spectrum Center (Includes, but is not limited to: button making, copying, filings, organizing, etc. and includes assisting with sponsored events) = 2 Hours
  5. Activities Carnival at the beginning of each semester = 2 Hours

You must communicate with the Spectrum Center to schedule your hours and get approval to work those hours. If you go over the 12 required Organizational Service Hours, the remaining hours can be applied to other events during the semester. If you want to get a jump start on collecting your required hours, please reach out to the LBGT Resource Center ASAP.