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Call for Proposals and Presentations

Deadline for consideration is Tuesday, April 12th, 2022 by 11:59 p.m. (CT)

Call for Proposals and Presentations

Please read the call below prior to applying to present at the conference.


The K-State LGBT Resource Center and Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs are seeking proposals for the Kansas LGBTQ+ Leadership Conference (April 22, 2022). Proposals should exemplify a commitment to uplifting and centering diverse queer voices. We aim to foster dialogue through issue-driven community conversations, to explore the latest research by and for LGBTQ+ people, and to provide education on a variety of practical and theoretical topics.

Conference sessions can take a variety of forms, including but not limited to individual scholarly presentations or papers, organized panels of up to three presenters, identity workshops, and research poster presentations.

  • Scholarly or General Interest Presentations/Papers
    • Individuals may present their research in the form of a brief lecture or a Powerpoint presentation.
    • Individuals may host a general interest presentatation on a topic related to the conference theme.
    • Please note that scholarly presentations must be supported by peer-reviewed research.
  • Panel Discussions 
    • Panels should include a maximum of three presenters discussing a shared topic. Audience engagement through Q&A is highly encouraged.

  • Academic research posters  
    • Posters will be on display to all conference attendees. Posters must be accompanied by a brief presentation, and presenters should plan to remain with their poster during their scheduled presentation time. Posters must be presented in tri-fold format only.

    • Please note that academic research posters must be supported by peer-reviewed research.
  • Identity Workshops 
    • Identity workshops provide a space for people with shared or similar identities to come together and discuss the research and activism being done within their group.

  • Artwork Proposals for Conference Art Show 

The deadline for submission of proposals is 11:59 pm on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 Central Time.

Please have the following information prepared before you submit your proposal online.

  • Name and Affiliation
  • Proposal Format - presentation, panel discussion, research poster, or identity workshop
  • Proposal Title
  • Abstract (Minimum 250 words - Maximum 500 words)

Proposals should be submitted here.

Review Process 

Proposals will be reviewed by the LGBTQ+ Leadership Steering Committee. Each proposal will be evaluated on the basis of relevancy of topic, depth of content, presenter qualifications and experience, overall strength of the proposal, and how well it reflects our commitment to an intersectional point of view. We will notify you of the status of your proposal by Friday, April 15, 2022. 

Proposals that include offensive or hateful material/ideas will not be considered. Additionally, we will not review proposals that primarily promote or sell commercial products or the commercial work of an individual submitter. 

Possible topics or areas of interest include: 
  • Queer leadership 
  • Queer civil rights 
  • Queering racial justice
  • Queer histories
  • Celebrating LGBTQ+ leaders
  • Undocu-Queer organizing
  • Black Trans Lives Matter
  • Moving beyond “inclusion” and toward “liberation” 
  • Queer affirming healthcare
  • Queer biology and justice 
  • Queer art, literature & media and imagining queer futures
  • LGBTQ+ sex education
  • Two-Spirit identity and visibility 
  • Bisexual identity and visibility 
  • Asexual/Aro identity and visibility
  • Kansas Queer history
  • Queer oral histories
  • Creating Queer spaces/coalitions/movement building
  • Identity privilege
  • Decolonizing drag
  • And any other relevant topic to further our community education and discussion...