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LGBT Resource Center


K-State Campus

Kansas State University LGBT Resource Center

The LGBT Resource Center is available to all K-State students, faculty and staff. The Resource Center provides information on financial aid, community organizations, events, non-discrimination, and counseling.  The Resource Center located in 207 A/B Holton Hall is open to all students, faculty, and staff.  We invite you to come by and see us!

207 Holton Hall
Center: 785-532-5352; Coordinator: 785-532-5299

Sexuality and Gender Alliance at K-State

The Sexuality and Gender Alliance is a student organization at K-State for lesbian, gay, Trans, bi, and questioning students and allies.

Please see the Schedule of Events for meeting dates.  

Broad Spectrum :  Veterinary Medicine Association

The goal for Broad Spectrum is to offer students a forum for discussion and an environment where they can feel welcome and open.  The organization coordinates and promotes activities that educate the campus and local communities on issues surrounding the lgbt community.

President: Stephanie Skinner sms2010@vet.kstate.edu

Gender Collective at K-State

The Gender  Collective is an organization designed to provide a venue for 
individuals who are transgender, cross-gender, intersex, androgynous, 
gender variant, or otherwise involved in activities, expressions, or 
presentation that is divergent from their birth-assigned sex.

For more information please contact:  kstategendercollective@gmail.com

K-State Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education (CARE)

The CARE Center works to promote a safe and equitable work and learning environment for women and all people through advocacy, presentations, academic classes, training, and referral.

206 Holton Hall


The purpose of the SAFE ZONE program is to provide campus "safe zones" where individuals affected by homophobia, hateful acts, & sexual violence can safely go for support and assistance. By placing the SAFE ZONE symbol on their office door, desk, or backpack, SAFE ZONE allies signify that their space is a safe place to talk about issues which impact people who have been affected by any type of hateful or homophobic act, or who have been affected by sexual violence, sexual harassment, or any criminal or distressing situation.

232 English/Counseling Services
Manhattan, KS 66506

FIRE (Feminists Igniting Resistance and Empowerment)

FIRE is a feminist organization that aims to ignite the campus and area communities toward progressive social change, while also creating a space for and centering the voices of those who have been erased, marginalized, or made invisible within these communities. FIRE gives privilege to knowledge that has been gained through struggle and experience.


Brie'Asia Harris: bharris2015@ksu.edu

Chelsea Turner: chelsea0929@ksu.edu


Greek Allies

Coming Soon!