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LGBT Resource Center

Kansas State University Gender Collective

The Gender  Collective is an organization designed to provide a venue for
individuals who are transgender, cross-gender, intersex, androgynous,
gender variant, or otherwise involved in activities, expressions, or
presentation that is divergent from their birth-assigned sex. We come
together to engage in outreach and educational efforts for the Kansas
State University faculty, staff, and students and Manhattan community to
promote a better understanding and acceptance of gender diversity,
expression, and identity issues. Together we work in concert with
University administration on ways to make campus a more accessible
environment for individuals of varying gender identities. The Gender
Collective also provides a social locus for above stated individuals.


For more information please contact:  kstategendercollective@gmail.com



President and All Around Amazing Grad Student and Leader 

Sam Sharpe  sharpes@k-state.edu