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3DI: Drilling Down for Deeper Impact

The K-State Leadership Seminar has been a fixture of the K-State and Manhattan community for over 20 years. The one-day experience provides great new leadership skills and a jolt to motivation, inspiration, and engagement. However, attendees often ask us, "What more can we do? How do we keep this going all year round?"

3DI is a pilot program for teams who have attended the K-State Leadership Seminar, offering more extensive leadership training beyond a one-day experience. It will focus on emphasizing the critical goals of the team, ensuring that each member is reaching toward the same objective and has the skills to be effective. 3DI is designed to instill team behaviors that will last.

The program will consist of 6 contact sessions, 120-minutes each, facilitated by Mr. Russell Disberger, founder of Aspen Business Group, L.L.C. Mr. Disberger will guide teams to identify their priorities that are critically important, understand key measures, and build peer-to-peer accountability. The disciplines covered in the program keep the team laser-focused on aligning daily actions with achieving critical, organization-wide objectives. 

For your team to apply, click the link below to submit a letter explaining how your team would benefit from being selected. Teams should be four to eight people in a working relationship, within the same administrative unit or across unit lines.  At least one team member should have been a participant in the 2017 or 2018 Leadership Seminars. In the initial round, two teams will be chosen. The cost is $2000 per team, of which 50% will be reimbursed to the team upon completion of their objectives. 

<Click Here to Apply>

Applications Due: May 23, 2018
Selections Announced: May 30, 2018

Dates of the six (6) contact sessions with Russ Disberger will be scheduled in July-August 2018. Exact dates and times will be confirmed after teams have been selected, per the availability of the team and Mr. Disberger. 

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