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Leadership Seminar

Mary Molt
Housing and Dining Services
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Ron Wilson
Huck Boyd Nat'l Institute for Rural Development

John Murray, Seminar Coordinator
K-State Global Campus

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Past Seminars

2019 - Leadership by Design: Creating our Future

  • John Branstad, Founder of Leadership by Design
  • Brian Niehoff, Karen Pedersen, Stephanie Bannister, Dennis Mullin, Mary Tolar (Panel Discussion)
  • Randy Watson, Kansas Commissioner of Education
  • Bryan Samuel, Jed Dunham, Laura Beth Cochran, Dory Ann Rosenberg

2018 - Turning Outward: Impactful, Inclusive, Ethical Leadership

  • Rhett Laubach, Founder of YourNextSpeaker, LLC
  • Kevin Ingram, President, Manhattan Christian College
  • Nozella Baily-Brown, Wyandotte County Director, K-State Research & Extension
  • Bernard Franklin, Special Assistant to the President, Kansas State University

2017 - Strategic Doing

  • Scott Hutcheson, Associate Director of Purdue Agile Strategy Lab
  • Liz Nilsen, Senior Adviser of Purdue Agile Strategy Lab
  • Matt Deighton, Author of "Molly and the Tornado" and Volunteer Coordinator for Greensburg, KS Tornado Relief
  • Russel Disberger, Founder and Senior Partner of Aspen Business Group, L.L.C.

2016 - Overcoming Leaderstress: Leading from Where You Are

  • Dr. Tim Hatfield, Professor and Chair Emeritus, Counselor Education, Winona State University
  • Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar, fmr. State Director, Comprehensive Health and Physical Education, Nebraska Department of Education
  • Dr. Frank Tracz, Professor of Music and Director of Bands, Kansas State University

2015 - Courageous Leadership

  • Dr. Orlando Taylor, Vice President and Director at Fielding Graduate University
  • Lieutenant General Robert Brooks Brown, Commanding General of the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

2014 - Leadership for the Common Good

  • Ed O'Malley, President and CEO, Kansas Leadership Center

2013 - Working Together to Create High-Performing Teams

  • Tom Champoux, President and Founder, The Effectiveness Institute 

2012 - Leading in Extraordinary Times

  • Tommy B. Webb, Magistrate Judge, Kansas Twenty-Sixth Judicial District  

2011 - Networks Matter: Leading in a Connected World

  • Patti Anklam, Independent Consultant

2010 – Adaptive Leadership: Leading in a Permanent Crisis

  • Kristin von Donop, Principal, Cambridge Leadership Associates

2009 – Resilient Leadership: Learning to Thrive in Times of Change

  • Julia Fabris McBride, President, Coach Julia, Inc.

2008 – Entrepreneurial Leadership: Seize the Opportunity!

  • Jeffrey Stamp, Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of North Dakota

2007 – Intergenerational Leadership: Bridging the Gap Between Generations

  • Ron Prince, Head Football Coach, Kansas State University
  • Jim Richardson, Photographer & Contributing Editor, National Geographic Society
  • Jeffrey Cufaude, Principal & Founding Partner, Idea Architects

2006 – Inclusive Leadership: Leading from Within

  • Dr. Shah Hasan, Director of Human Capacity Development, Columbus State Community College
  • Dr. Ata Karim, President, Global Leadership Solutions

2005 – The Power of Appreciative Inquiry

  • Dr. Diana Whitney, Founder & President, Corporation for Positive Change

2004 – Community and Leadership: A Conversation with Margaret Wheatley

  • Dr. Margaret Wheatley, Co-Founder, Berkana Institute

2003 – The Character of Our Commitments

  • Jeffrey Cufaude, Principal & Founding Partner, Idea Architects

2002 – Transformational Leadership Through Turbulent Times

  • Rick Rigsby, Senior Lecturer in Speech Communication, Texas A&M University
  • Dr. Pat McNally, K-State Research & Extension 4-H Youth Development Program

2001 – Practicing Ethical Leadership: Values, Voice, Vision and Virtue

  • Dr. Bill Grace, Founder & Executive Director, Center for Ethical Leadership

2000 – The Challenge of Change: Attitude, Accountability, and Action

  • Brigadier General Karen Rankin, Retired, U.S. Air Force
  • Dr. Jerry Frieman, Professor of Psychology, K-State
  • Dr. Juanita McGowan, Assistant Dean & Associate Professor, K-State College of Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Donita Whitney-Bammerlin, Director of Honors Program, K-State College of Business

1999 – Spirit in Leadership: Adding Values to the Process (Part II)

  • Brigadier General Karen Rankin, Retired, U.S. Air Force
  • Deb Patterson, Women's Basketball Head Coach, K-State Dept. of Intercollegiate Athletics

1998 – Spirit in Leadership: Adding Values to the Process

  • Brigadier General Karen Rankin, Director of Plans & Programs, Air Education & Training Command, U.S. Air Force
  • Dr. Lee Bolman, Missouri Chair in Leadership, University of Missouri at Kansas City
  • Rod Cole, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, K-State Dept.of Intercollegiate Athletics

1997 – Leadership to Create Citizenship in Our Organizations and Communities

  • Dr. Dennis Organ, Professor of Management, Indiana University
  • Brad Harsha, Assistant Vice President for Client Services, Sprint
  • Janis Lee, Kansas State Senator
  • Mrs. Ruth Ann Wefald