Travel/Conference Award Applications

This information is specific to applying for the SDUR Travel/Conference Award. Please read all the following information before starting your application.

Travel/Conference Award Deadlines

  • Awards are open once per semester.
  • Spring deadline - March 22, 2024. Funds can be used for Spring and summer projects.

Travel/Conference Award Information

  • It is required that a K-State faculty research mentor is overseeing the project.
  • Conference funds can be used to pay for travel or registration fees for a conference in which an undergraduate student will be presenting their research.
  • Award amounts
    • Travel or In-person conference, up to $500 per award
    • Virtual conference, up to $250 per award
  • Applications are reviewed by a panel of individuals. Final award amounts are based on quality of application, total number of applications received and additional sources of funding. Not all awards may receive full award amount.

Materials to prepare for the application:

Please note that the SDUR only accepts online applications; materials emailed without consent of the office will be disregarded.

  • The following information will be needed for your application to be complete:
    • General information about yourself
    • Information (name and email) about your research mentor
    • Copy of the abstract to the conference
    • In order for your application to be complete your faculty mentor will need to submit a letter of recommendation to the office. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the letter is received by our office.

If awarded, funds will be sent to the student via Student Financial Assistance prior to the end of the semester.

Deadline for Spring 2024 is March 22

If you experience any problems or have a question about the application, you may contact the staff at Scholar Development and Undergraduate Research. Please e-mail