Trevin Garcia, M.A.


Education: Bachelor of Arts in English (May 2018)

Master of Arts in linguistics from the University of Kansas

Currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in linguistics at the University of Kansas

McNair Project: Latinx English in the Heartland: an Analysis of /l/ variation in a New Destination community (2017)

Mentor: Mary Kohn, Ph.D.

Changes to immigration policies and rural economies created population movements that have significantly altered the demographics of numerous rural US towns, creating new contact points for English and Spanish. This study focuses on language in Liberal, Kansas, a community where the Latinx community has grown from 19.5% of the population to 59.1% of the population over the past twentyfour years (US Census Bureau). This analysis contributes to research on Latinx English by examining /l/ realization in the speech of 15 Latinx and 8 Anglx Liberal, KS youths, a contact feature that has been found in other varieties of Latinx English.